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Heartbreaking break up

Community Member
My boyfriend of almost a year broke up with me on Monday via text msg because his feelings weren’t progressing to love. I’m utterly heartbroken & I don’t know what to do. I’m in love with him & miss him & I just need help
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Community Member

Hi Bec,

so sorry to here about the break up. I can tell you like most people how hard it is. And it doesn’t feel like it at the moment or will it soon but eventually you won’t feel like this anymore. I have been through a couple heart breaks myself and let me tell you I am the biggest mess! I cry and stay in my room for months, my anxiety, depression go through the roof. I have trouble eating and sleeping also.

I find with myself I isolate and shut off from everything which really isn’t healthy so I don’t recommend doing that.

Do you have close friends or family for support / comfort ? I would suggest to keep busy and not be alone to much.

Being outdoors getting sunlight something really simple and easy to do just going for a walk or I find being down at the beach around the water is soothing 🙂

It’s all easier said then done but it will take some time before you feel better xxx