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Pregnant and stressed

Community Member
Expecting my 1st baby in feb 2019. Me and my partner are so excited and so is my whole family. But I just feel sometimes im so confused about my husband. We have been together for 4 years and we haven’t been very intimate. We have have had sex maybe 3 times only. And the rest was only when I was ovulating because he wanted a baby so badly. All we have is just intercourse. No foreplay, no pashing. He never pashes me. Just gives me cheek to cheek kisses and forehead kisses. He seems to get very angry at me as well when I don’t do things the way he wants. He always hits me so badly when we argue, I get bruises all over my body. And after that he wouldn’t be sorry and just says I made him do it. Currently he is not talking to me for 1 week now because I didn’t eat whatever he told me to. How can he be so cruel when I’m pregnant and laying on bed at night and crying to myself? Doesn’t he know I need his support the most? i always have a feeling he must be having an affair as I have caught him many times talking about girls to his friends. He follows so many random girls on Instagram as well. However, he never leaves me on weekends. Comes home straight form work, doesn’t groom properly. Other than all this hes good most of the times as we have travelled soo much and we still do. He takes me on holidays and spoils me….i just don’t know what to do.his behaviour confuses me.. Im craving for so much love attention and intimacy right now. Im just 25 and my life has already been destroyed. someone plz help me 😞
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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Aida and welcome to Beyond Blue forums

Also, a very warm congratulations on your news - you are having a baby. Lovely news.

Your life does sound very much organised for you, and also very difficult. Domestic violence is not ok. Being hit is not something that I find very good - especially when you're pregnant. Who is there in your life, other than your husband, that could give you some support during this very important time? For example trusted friend or close family member?

Also so I can understand a little more, can you give me an idea of what support you would like from us here at BB? For example - just to talk to someone? Do you want ideas about how you can improve your circumstances? Or ideas about who you can call or visit to help you?

If it was me, I would phone - 1800 RESPECT (1800 737 732). It helps people in domestic violence situations. Their webpage - www.1800respect.org.au/help-and-support/services-overview/ gives details about the services they provide.

You're not alone Aida. Keep reaching out if and when you want to.

Kind regards