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Hardest thing I ever did was saying goodbye,

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Hey all.

So last night I went to my ex’s and we spoke abit about why we split what lead to it and what the futures holds. It didn’t go as I wanted it to she said she still felt the same was and didn’t want to try make it work she said it’s easy to get back into the relationship with me but it will just go back to what it was and we weren’t happy and she just doesn’t love me.

Me on the other hand I love her to peices and after we spoke we got some fish and chips sat outside and ate them laughed made jokes and then went home and we said out final foodbyes. She seemed fine and happy and wants me to be happy she said will make her extremely happy to see me with a girl that makes me happy but she was the one that did that.

We’re best Freinds and I think that’s why it’s so hard I’m not only loosing my partner but best freind

We dated just under 4 years I don’t know how she can be so fine and no have one drop of sadness or anything. I told her I had to delete her off everything not becuase I want to I don’t want to get over her but I need to because if I see her move on before I make myself happy it will just cut me to deep and I won’t be able to cope.

I have a great freinds group and heaps of support but as soon as im alone my mind runs a million thoughts a second or if I wake up in the middle of the night I just think about everything all the best moments we spent together.

Now I just feel broken lost and no energy. I’m eating healthy and trying to exercise but I just feel so exhausted and muscles are aching.

I know it will take time but it’s just so hard I just want it all over. Anyone know anything that I can take natural to make me feel better and help me along and help my acheing bones.

Thanks all.

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Champion Alumni

Hi Calv,

Sorry to read your story and how you are feeling. It sounds like you are trying to help yourself by staying in contact with family a and friends, eating healthy and exercising.

Loosing someone you love and care for under any circumstances can be hard to get through. You are probably experiencing a sense of grief due to your loss, that can be quite a process to work through.

Would you consider going to a Dr about your aching body? If not, then a reputable health food store might be able to offer some suggestions. Some Drs recommend herbal alternatives as well.

When you are feeling really low, like in the middle of the night, would you consider talking to a support worker on one of the help lines like Beyond Blue on 1300 22 4636. I find that helps me. I also write stuff down when it is going around and around in my mind.

Finding activities that either distract you or give you a sense of meaning and purpose might help as well.

It is tough letting people go. Hope you manage to find a way to lessen the pain you are experiencing. It can be tough.

From Dools