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Grandparent alienation heartbreak.

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Hi . My heart breaks every morning for my dear grandchildren who for several years now have had no choice to be hugged by my unconditional granny love. There is a growing number of grandchildren who are caught in the crossfire of this new permission and advice to walk away from family members. I understand the need to protect oneself from toxicity. My own mother is a Narcissist and her interference with influencing my daughters mind against me has been the last straw and I have stepped away. I just can't cope with this pain in my heart. I think my daughter doesn't understand that I have severe depression and autoimmune pain and I'm not bunging it on or doing it for attention. Even the government recognises my disabilities and have granted support. I have been in deep therapy for years trying to figure out how I can do better; yet it's never going to be good enough. The expectations of the perfect non toxic mother are high these days. It's like grieving the death of my daughter and my grandchildren yet with the anxiety of wondering when or if they will come back to my life.

I know of many other grandparents out there going through this , are there any in this forum?

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Community Champion


I feel sorry that you are not having the relationship with your grandchildren that you want.

It is so sad when grandparents are denied a relationship with their grandchildren.

So does your mother get to see your grandchildren?

There have been threads about this topic and if you use the search engine you will find some.

Also people will reply to this thread who are going through a similar experience.

If you can keep the communication open and maybe start keeping a book journal for grandchildren where you can write down or paste things in so when they are older they knew you were thinking about them every day.

Thanks again for sharing your story.