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Geting close with the ex

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I have been getting close to the ex again, she has bad depression and anxiety issues and its recently brought me down too.


things were looking great for a while there, we weren't moving too fast, we were having sleepovers and the family was really benefitting it. Recently she started to talk to a guy I've always had a problem with and I told her straight it would send me batty. It has, she is spending time with him now and has shut me out. I was feeling like we were getting somewhere, back to friends again, but she's played the I'm single card.


i don't want to go see other people, and I'm not going to stop her from doing it, but she can't resist this guy. I have moved out and I know they spend a lot of nights together, she says that there's nothing more than a friendship there but I know they fool around, I'm not worried about that per say, I just feel really uneasy that she shut me out after I told her it would play on me. 

 she says she feels she led me on, I don't feel she did, it was fun at the time, we were starting to get to know each other again.


my thing is, what do I do? Fight for the friendship and hope the crush she has for him wears out? I knowing will sooner or later for the way she tells me she feels about me and I know that they don't have that much in common other than anxiety and depression, it's just something new for her to take her mind off the counselling and recent breakup with me. Recently a lot of the stuff that went wrong got brought up, including him and my old habits of working too much and not giving enough attention.


Do do I walk away? And hope she doesn't forget me? Keep telling her how it makes me feel? Or do I put up with it and argue it out with her? I hand on heart still lOve her but with her the way she is she can't give me any more than a friend and that's all i really want, but seeing her falling for him, seeing him daily almost, is killing me.

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white knight
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Community Champion

Hi Revo, welcome

From your story if I was in your situation I'd move on as hard as that will be.

True love is a tow way affair and your is not that.

Time is a great healer. Move on now and in a couple of months things will ease a lot and you can get on with your life to find someone that wont play games.

Tony WK