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Friendship Mass Exodus

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This is my life right now. Relationships falling apart everywhere. There's some saying that, when times are tough your true friends are revealed. Well.. Clearly I have none.

My closest friend since school, is constantly harassing me or saying horrible things about my situation.

Another friend is accusing me of been mean and that I owe her an apology for something that I've done nothing wrong. Again this is another 15+ friendship. She also likes trivialising all my problems. I should get over it.

My corporate group of friends are all dwindling off because I no longer work. So I'm too lowly for them. I also don't have the disposable income to keep up with their social activities.

I have a psychologist accuse me of been OCD when I'm not, & ended up having my psychiatrist assess me to make sure. Even he thought the whole thing was bizzare. She didn't take too kindly to that & I don't feel comfortable seeing her now.

My GP of years that I trusted so much and admired really, I think is trying to remove my mother from my life so she can step in..

I have no friends lol The first time in my entire life to say this, but I really don't.

It's depressing to me. Should I try to salvage any of these relationship or start over?

Has anyone else lost all their friends during difficult times?

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Hi Velvs,

must be a bipolar thingy. I'm just as weird, 🙂

cheers LM

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Hi everyone,

Just stumbled upon this old thread and it is so relevant to me at the moment. I can be extroverted with casual friends and acquaintances, but when it comes to letting people get close I suddenly become the world’s biggest introvert.

There’s one expression that I find particularly annoying is ‘BFF’. Every time I hear it I cringe. The thought that someone would be interested enough in me to want to be my ‘best friend’ is quite hilarious. Seems impossible. I’ve had a couple of close friends over the years and it certainly hasn’t been ‘forever’...

Anyway, I figure this thread is done and dusted but I appreciated reading it 😊