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Forgotten by a friend

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I am feeling very hurt and lonely at the moment. I had made plans to spend time with a friend, but when I got to her house, no one was home. I later got a text from her saying that she was out shopping and had forgotten that I was coming. The worst part for me is that I sent her a text saying that I would be at her house in about an hour. I sent this message half an hour before she went shopping. I know this because she told me what time she went shopping.

I don't get very much time to socialise, but when I do, I like forward to it. I also feel like I only have one friend to socialise with. I have lots of acquaintances. Except for my adult daughter and my two little boys, I don't have any family close to me.

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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member
Welcome to the forums Lonely Butterfly.I can understand how you feel about your friend going shopping when you had made plans with them.It has happened to me and it does hurt especially when you think you are close to this person and they seem to be oblivious to how hurt you are.
Have you spoken to your friend saying how really felt when they stood you up?I know that can be a hard thing to do but might help you.Just venting on here is a start and expressing how you feel and just knowing that it does happen to other people.

Hi Matchy69,

I have been trying to do that. I would start to do it then stop because the hurt overwhelms me. It brings back memories of being left at a service station when I was 10 years old by my family.

Hi Lonely butterfly I am really sorry about what happened to you when you were 10.That would have been very traumatic for you.I know things that happen to me from my childhood still effect me and are very hard talk about.If you want to talk I am here.I know how hard it can be.

Thank you for the offer. The intense feelings that I was feeling have now past and I am about to start EMDR for it.

Hi Lonely Butterfly this site is always here for you.I hope the EMDR treatment works for you.I just googled it to see what it was exactly.I am very curious about it now.

All the best,