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Trust and Privacy

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So basically I watch these youtubers and I'm pretty obsessed. They made this anthem so I translated it into like spanish so no one would know what it said and printed it out. I asked my mum not to question it. I'm in my room and she comes up with a piece of paper. She GOOGLE TRANSLATED IT and asked me to explain. It wasn't anything bad, I'm just so angry because I feel like I have no privacy. And I specifically said not to, in a serious tone. She promised she wouldn't. I'm so embarrassed and angry at her.

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white knight
Community Champion
Community Champion
Hi, welcome

Can I please ask if you can provide more information that will help us answer.

Do you work, school, siblings? What sort of things do you like to do, hobbies, sports. And how old are you?

look i thought this was something minor at first but if you're insecure abt your interests/mum's berated you for them before could be root of a rift. try to bring this up to her and asking why she translated it and tell her that it hurt you bc you have no privacy and she goes back on promises.

Summer Rose
Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi lonerLils

Welcome to the bb forum and thank you for sharing your concerns about your mum disrespecting your request for privacy.

I get that you are angry. Sounds like it was really important to you that only you could understand the words. And, given you made that clear, I can see why you're disappointed in mum.

I'm wondering why you think your mum translated the text?

I ask because I'm a mum and the only reason I would do such a thing is because I love my child and I'm worried about something. Is there a reason your mum could be worried about you?

Kind thoughts to you