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First night going to a shared house bed, and not my home

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Recently separated and so many horrible little milestones on the way to recovery.

Leaving work today will take me to a room in a shared house, somewhere to sleep and give my wife space... this is so far removed from driving home, hugging my kids and getting a lovely peck to welcome me home.

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Champion Alumni

Dear Krsm,

I am sorry to hear of your separation. It's a very tough time indeed letting go of someone you love, or have loved.

In times of such sadness and grief, I find it helps to remind myself of the things I do still have; like food, clothing and shelter. So many people lose all that and more sometimes.

I too separated about three years ago, although we didn't have children. I can only begin to imagine what it must be like to have to leave them behind.

I do hope that you and your wife can come to some sort of fair agreement where you still get to see the kids regularly and frequently.

In the meantime, you can keep coming here for support, as much as you like. Take care. xo

Hi krsm, welcome

I hope you are ok. The first few days are the toughest but children are resilient and we can continue on in the hope we find some resilience ourselves.

Here is a few threads you can read (the first post only if you like)




To help your kids now and in the future is to help yourself. You know that. So take good care of yourself, get as many distractions as possible and seek out friends that are willing to listen for a while.

Repost anytime here or in those threads.