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Finding closed schools/kids very hard

Community Member

I know I’m not alone

i joined the community as I’m having increasingly scary feelings like breathlessness dizziness crying a lot and eating chocolate a lot

my kids in nsw have been home from school for over 6 weeks and I want to kill them. The school only started sending work this week. They are finished in under and hour. The school has been so disappointing and I’m really angry.

i purchased textbooks and they do that too. For another hour. Then they place computer games 10am-8pm

on a good day we go walking

on a good day I cook several meals

i have no work any longer as I’m a teacher

my marriage is in strife

the stress is just building up. Usually I go to the gym to cope. Instead I swim and run every day but lately I’m too sad and tired.

summer holidays are always very difficult for me as my kids scream a LOT fight and are super demanding and my husband does very little parenting or house work despite a decade of work on that

feeling desperate and hopeless and helpless

if schools dont go back soon something really bad is going to happen

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Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi Trade

Yes, you are certainly not alone in this but you are dealing with a LOT.

I am shocked that the school had not sent work home until this week. Wow that's not easy at all. You were amazing getting work for them anyway and they must have a brilliant mum finishing it so fast, little rascals.

My kid's school sent so much work home that my kids were totally overwhelmed! They have wanted to leave school, home school, work, anything but face the homework. Being online is their favourite pastime too darn it.

Are your children beginning to go back next week?

Did you see the daily broadcast through the kid's school portal on every day? Lots of musical artists performing for them same time every day. I think that's on at 8:45am.

Also at noon there is an author or illustrator reading their own published book every day on some site, I can get that info if you would like it? Lots of parents are letting their children watch this while they eat their lunch.

I also saw some awesome Museum and Art Gallery virtual tours online. I'm not sure of the ages of your children but my kids would rather do that than their school work lol.

On your list of "on some days", you really achieve a lot you know. It's okay if it's not like that every day.

I know a mum who's child tears through the whole week's work by Wed so they do art, garden and take the dog for walks for the next 4 days. The whole thing is still driving them crazy too because the mum is an essential worker and studying at Uni. No one seems to be having much fun of this, which is to be expected of course.

We really need "mental health" time too. I don't know what you do now to help this but my outlet / inlet to mental health is growing food and feeding my pets including chickens. I am about to re-establish our worm farms in baths. It's fun turning our food waste into chicken's food and worm food to get yummy eggs and great soil. It all depends on what flicks your switches I suppose!

I had to replace overseas travel with a big winner and this was an awesome lateral move for me, I guess....eye roll.

I have zero for suggestions for husbands that's for sure, though I did read a children's book once where she pickled hers. My imagination liked that a lot but please don't do this.

Yours in a happier world where all the schools are open ALL the time.