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Feeling anxious - need to know it will be OK

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I have posted onto these forums already regarding leaving my husband and how I DO it

Today I am extremely anxious and depressed - last week I tried to again leave him, he just doesn't want to hear it, then threatens to take everything and leave me with nothing, lots of other stuff.

He is going overseas in 3 weeks for work, I am going to pack up and move into a rental with my 2 kids, more time to do it, less traumatic on the kids and myself. I know it sounds harsh but if I try to do it now he will make it difficult.

I have to 'play the game' for the moment, play happy families thinking everything is OK - I haven't been happy for a long long time, always making sure other people are doing okay forgetting about myself.....I think that is why I am struggling as this is out of my character to up and leave and I am looking for reassurance, not saying I need it but when I feel this way it is what I look for.......

Has anyone else had to do a similar thing?

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Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hi Breegirl, I'm so sorry I'm a day behind, but this must be disappointing, but as you say it can still be done.

Can I please get back to you in the morning as I start very early, it's not fair on you I know, but I have written down this post with your name so I won't forget it.

Please take care tonight and speak with you tomorrow.


Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hi Breegirl, is it possible for either your son or both your kids to spend the tonight somewhere else the night/day before you move out, but this would might only work if they do this on a regular basis, if not then he may be asking questions, that's not what you want.

If they are not in the house then it would be easier for you to move out.

Can I also suggest contacting Anglicare, I often mention this to people in similar situations, and only because they were terrific for me.

They can provide housing and counselling and won't tell anyone unless you give them permission.

Take care and best wishes.


Hi Breegirl,

Good to hear how things are going. I am glad you haven't changed your mind. It sounds like you are doing everything you can to be prepared.

Well done on going on the anti depressants. That can be a big step to take. I hope they work well for you.


Hi Breegirl,

I'm sorry to see this is still such a struggle, but popping in to say I get it. I totally get how impossible this all seems and how hard it is when you are trying to get a point across and the other person doesn't want to hear it. It's terrifying, the thought of having to be the bad guy. I feel like I've always had to be the bad guy in my relationship and I'm still being it. It's really hard. Just wanted to give you a supportive cyber hug.

It's a bummer your hub isn't going overseas until next year now, you had it all ready to go and then your plans had to change. It's very stressful. Are you on the anti-depressants yet? Are they helping?

Hang in there


Thank you so much GW - I am still going to look at moving out for my own peace of mind and to rip the band aid off, it may just be a little harder now that is all......

I have started the anti-depressants so will see how they work in the next few weeks.

I just really want to now stop playing the game and start living my own life, I have a great support network so we can all pull together and get it done.....

Thank you for all of your support also 🙂