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Feel so alone

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I’ve run out of places to turn so I thought I’d post here. I’m a single mother of a young child with no family or friends. I work part time but the people I work with are a lot older than me and never invite me out. I’ve tried to organise play dates for my little to make friends there but my invites are never replied to. My little one has never even been invited to a birthday party. I don’t have a partner and have tried the dating scene but figure out quickly everyone I meet just wants one thing. I even tried hobbies, like exercise classes ect but again no one ever wants to do anything afterwards. I don’t have any family, close or extended. We lost touching years ago and I’ve tried to track them down with no luck. It’s been like this for two years now and I’m really starting to feel like it’s me. I don’t even have my little ones father isn’t in the scene and I don’t even know who his family are. I literally get up drop my little one to day care, go to work, come home and on the days I don’t work I just sit here and do nothing, especially on days my little one entertains themselves. I’m so alone. I see a psychologist weekly and though that helps greatly with other things I’ve been going through it’s not a nice feeling knowing that I’ve only her to talk to. I just feel so invisible.
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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member
Thankyou for sharing on here. I do understand your feelings of loneliness. I have two young children. I am separated from their Father. I am also estranged from my family and only have a few close friends. Please do not blame yourself for others lack of interest. You have tried incredibly hard to interact with others and develop friendships. You seem kind, friendly and genuinely interested in others. Feels so much harder when you reach out to others and others are not as warm as you. I felt so for your precious little one not going on play dates, not for you not trying or even attending his first birthday party. You are looking after yourself, working and keeping fit and caring for your little one. A loving caring Mum. You do so much. I too, felt alone after the birth of my children and prior to going back to work. It is good your child has interaction with other children in Day Care. Great for your child's development. Also hard for you trying to find your family and not being able to. I have searched for one of my parents for years. I was unable to locate my Mother. I only wanted my children to meet their Grandmother. Please don't think you are invisible. It is not easy to meet new friends. Others may feel nervous too about making new friends. I admire you greatly. It is good you are seeing your Psychologist. It is so important to be able to speak to someone. I really hope you can make some new friends soon, for you and your little one. Sending a hug to you both.

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Hi gypsyrain

I too feel like this we moved interstate and i have no family or friends here my hisbands family dont speak to me because they think i stop him from going to see his family but thats not true thats always been his decision . We have no children. Moat days its just me on the couch with the dog while my husbands at work. Very lonely and boring i feel depression is on the rise because i need to move back where my family and friends are. But its just one of us finding that right job to go back to. My mother ok n law thinks its all my doing wanting to moce back but we have made this descision together. So again just lonely everyday is becoming tjat struggle i dred waking of a morning. I am here if you want to chat

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Oh gosh I so feel for you, I came here a week ago for the first time as I have a similar probrem.. pure loneliness..I have very few friends and teenagers that take up my time.. male fifty, -I am not into clubs pubs or parties just wanting to find a soul friend in life whom I can have conversations with, but it’s so hard in life.. have tried hobbies, and many forms to develop new friends, but can never find anyone kind enough to want to give me time. What can I say, don’t give up, I don’t have the answers , but I have the inner will to keep seeking as surly we deserve someone.. hopefully someone here can enlighten us to steps we could try ...

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Hey there,

Im super sorry you feel that way. But I too am starting to feel lonely and although I have a little closer knit of friends and my family are supportive I just miss that intimacy that I guess u have with a partner and I have a fear that my loneliness will be a forever thing. But I don't want to just cling or force something then potentially b unhappy which is what lead me to feeling the way I do in the first place and splitting from my ex wife. I was almost disowned from her family and this was an ending on good terms. I feel like there is something wrong with me and that I'll forever have that in my head as she has moved on and seems to be happy and I'm just plotting along feeling lost and lonely and wondering what my purpose is. The annoying thing is that a few weeks ago I was feeling fine but now I feel like everything is closing in on me and it's just me and my two doggies and I actually don't know what to do. There is also a fear of believing people if they are genuine with their feelings.

My ex inlaws disowned me too. God knows what ex w told them but l've only seen them once un 5yrs and they snubbed me , yet she was the once destroyed our family hooking up with someone else.