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Family financial parenting life

Community Member
Well i have just had throat surgery and to wake up to find out i have to pay $5526 back in child support as my daughter went to live with my mum i was still buying recharges clothes having her at least every second weekend paying her school bills uniform etc and giving her 100 a month we are going through such a hard financial time with me having time off due to possible thyroid cancer my 2 year old and 5 year old having alot of behaviour and sensory issues to now my eldest self-harming needing mental health assessments and the list goes on can i argue this i cant afford whats ahead with all these extra bills ive already been down since my marrige is failing and work refurbing so may not have a job 😞
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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Samb and warm welcome to Beyond Blue forums

I find your story very sad. How difficult things are for you, along with your illness. Everything sounds very overwhelming. However, I get the sense you are very strong and brave. To have shared your story here. Good on you Samb.

Have you had a browse through some of the stories here on the community that are here as peer support. There are many in similar circumstances as yourself. Feel free to join the discussions.

Specifically, have a look under the Relationship and family issues forum. You might find it more useful to do keyword search in the search field. Ideas for keywords to use:

  • family breakdown
  • marriage breakdown
  • family finances

What sorts of things are you doing for your mental health? For example, do you have a good doctor or health professional (e.g. psychologist) that can help you plan?

Talking is good to help you sort through all the things that are happening with you at the moment. Is there anyone you can talk to? For example a close family member or trusted friend?

When you're feeling up to it, let us know how you're getting on - only if you want to. No pressure. You're not alone Samb.

Kind regards