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Emotionally Imbalanced Relationships

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Hello everyone,

I'm just wondering if anyone has any ideas as to how they personally or theoretically would deal with having relationships where there is an emotional imbalance. And by that, I mean that one person emotionally is more open than the other person, or one person in the relationship is more easily trusting to share vulnerable information and is wanting the other person to open up more but that other person seems to have a wall built around them and doesn't share that much information about themselves. I don't know, I feel like this is me with most of the relationships that I have with people and it goes both ways. Like with some people, they are more open with me and I keep my distance more and with others I am more open than they are. I don't know, do any of you experience the same or similar thing in your relationships with people, and is this a common thing?


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Welcome to the world,

Isn't it the same for everyone?

Is it a male vs female thing?

Is it because ’opposites attract'?

Is it because previous experience has caused us to distrust others?

Is it because we don't allow or want ourselves to be happy?

Is it embarrassment?

Is it selfishness or self-centredness?

Is it ignorance?

Infinite reasons. Infinite questions.

Is the answer to meet one's soul mate?

To find true love, that is unconditional, unquestioning, all-knowing, like-minded, spiritual, to infinity & beyond.

Hang on, I've just described my dogs! They get it.

Oh well, we live in hope. One day....maybe.....

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Hey Gabby!

I can 100% relate, Ive always struggled with there being an emotional imbalance. With my ex, he had his walls up high and would occasionally randomly tell me something honest and vulnerable about his past/ feelings etc, i often felt like i was pulling hairs trying to get him to open up, he just said he likes to be private. Where as i felt like an open book with him, he made me feel so comfortable i felt myself telling him things that id never said aloud before, i 100% was too emotional compare to him. It made things hard, he felt i was too sensitive and over the top and that i should grow up and get over things cause he does that. Its a hard one