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Depression in the relationship, confused and wondering what to do.

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Hi all beyondblue members,

I've been in a relationship with my girlfriend for the past 18 months. Both her and I are 28 years old and have enjoyed being together all the time. She opened up to me about her depression at the beginning of our relationship and I didn't let her depression get in between us. Throughout our relationship, as I thought I was doing, was supporting her through her toughest of times, always making sure she sees the positive side of life and always encouraged her to see her psychologist regularly regarding her depression. Everything went well up until I met with her mother, ever since then, things started to go down hill. Her mother said to my girlfriend that I remind her too much of her father( ex husband) and that I look like a control freak?????Little does she know about me and it upsets me that her mother judged me to be a person of negativity. Her mother was caught lieing a few times, where she rang my girlfriend and manipulated her in believing that other family members had al ot to say about me, when she asked her mother to tell her what others thought, she would insist my girlfriend to ring them up and find it out herself. When my girlfriend did that, no one of the family members said anything about me and confirmed with her that her mother was playing games, to the point she got into an emotional break down over it. Not long ago, my girlfirend sent me an email whilst I was out camping, I didnt respond to her text because I had no reception but as soon as I got home she sends me a break up text, which to me seemed as if she was influenced to do that and the only person I could think of is her mother being behind it. The other day, my ex and I met up for coffee to talk things through and I told her that she didnt mean to break up with me whilst she said that she felt confused and didnt know whether it was fear of being alone and depression made her choose to be with me and thats why she broke up with me. I told her that her mother was behind the decision and I could tell by looking at her, wanting to ruin our relationship. Now my ex is confused and scared to confront her mother that her and I are still seeing each other, I told her to take it slow and we could reconcile, but i feel the urge to go and see her mother, just to open up to her to let her know how much I really care about her daughter, I am confused and I want to save my relationship, this also happened to her brother in law and he confronted her mother too.

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Hi, it sounds to me that the mother is trying to live your ex's life instead of her own (very common for the mother to attempt to live through the daughter). In my (unprofessional) opinion - it would be wrong to involve or consult the mother in anything at all. Unless specifically invited to by your ex. This is because the mother is already attempting to take her power from her = she doesn't need you supporting this too! Also, it sounds like the mother has made up her mind about you (without ever knowing you) - do you feel you could change this opinion? If no, don't bother. If yes, then maybe you have a point. All the best!