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Left my husband because he cheated on me multiple times with the same woman. Now I feel so lonely and isolated. I live in a small town which is very clicky and I’m an outsider here. I have a couple of friends but they are always busy and have their own lives. Feel so depressed and alone
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Community Champion
Community Champion

Dear Noodlesmango~

I'd like to welcome you here. Life can really be so unfair, your ex was the one that played up, and you are the one who is suffering as a consequence. While you may feel very alone at the moment I'd imagine you might have felt worse about yourself if you had simply stayed and played second fiddle to the other woman.

Being in a small town can be either good or bad, some can be very friendly and supportive whilst others can seem very stand-offish. I live in one and to start with knew nobody. My partner joined the local show society and I took over Scouts for a while. Eventually we were more busy than we had ever anticipated.

Do you think this is the sort of thing you might do to have social contact, I don't mean those two particular things, but any sort of group or society, or even the library if they have one.

It can seem pretty daunting to go and see about joining a group, but most people are pleased to have someone fresh.

There are other avenues of course depending on your circumstances, do you have any ideas?


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Champion Alumni

Hi Noodlesmango, I'm sorry I'm a bit late but can I please offer a warm welcome to you.

How sorry for this to happen, now you need to get your strength back, it's hard I know, but maybe you need to end your marriage, break free from this situation and then slowly you can then build yourself up moving on to another life.

Some people like facebook while others don't, I'm not too fond of it but it maybe a chance for you to reconnect with other people.

Do you have a hospital close by, I only say this because you could volunteer to help out, there you will meet other people and the patients who you can talk to.

Best wishes.


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When mourning your losses passes...you will feel:

You are now FREE to do WHATEVER YOU WISH!!! You hold all the power!!! You can go ANYWHERE, do ANYTHING - these are EXCITING times for you!!!! He was a looser who couldn't appreciate you and now you don't have to put up with his.....garbage (**the nice word**) anymore!!! You are one lucky lady to have gotten rid of him already and now be free to enjoy LIFE & LIVING!!! YEAH!