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Depressed newbie

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Hi. 🙂 Newbie to BB. I have been going through a really difficult time lately and I finally decided to join the forum. I constantly feel ready to scream, strangle someone (namely my in-laws,) or doing something to myself... I am from the United States. I moved here because I married an Australian whom I love dearly. However... his family... that's another story. His mom is an absolute nightmare and unfortunately, we have to live with them right now because hubby is struggling to find work. His mom and dad fight constantly because his mom is just a greedy tramp to be honest. She's cheating on him with multiple guys, and uses him to run all of her errands instead of doing it herself. All she does is sit around on her lazy ass and play candy crush or threaten people with knives and baseball bats. If my husband doesn't find work soon I'm so tempted to go back to the US but that will add even more cost on. I like it here but I feel like giving up because nothing is working out right and I really don't know what else to do. I can't afford to pay my credit cards plus pay for an apartment all by myself. I know things would be better if we weren't living with them but it's been a year and I honestly don't know how much longer I can take it...
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Hi ArrrowHart. Welcome to the forums. May I ask why you're still with the in-laws? You say your hubby is looking for work, what sort of work does he normally do? I don't like to say this, but how hard is he looking? He is obviously extremely happy in the situation, you're not, have you told him how you feel. As far as how the in-laws live, unfortunately, that's their business. I think, given the situation, I'd be giving my hubby an ultimatum by now. Find a job, or I leave. Do you have work experience yourself. Perhaps a trip to c'link to see what's on offer, they will steer you to an employment agency, who, hopefully would assist you in the job situation. I wouldn't let your in-laws be the ones to force you to return to the states. Because you've married an Australian, and you're here permanently, this should help you find work. If you're already receiving c'link payments i.e Newstart, they will be able to offer some guidelines to assist you financially. I would perhaps ask them about financial assistance. Explain you want to find accommodation, see what they have on offer. Do you have any money yourself? If you have enough for a bond, plus first month's rent, c'link may help with a loan to purchase furniture. Just the basic necessesities.

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Hi Arrow. Sounds like a bad situation. Sometimes I wonder if it's worth replying because OP's hardly come back to this site after posting their problems...

Anyway - back to your situation. It sounds bad. MIL threatening with knives and a baseball bat?? Husband out of work for almost a year? Is he actually going to find work? Is he looking?

What are you doing for work? Have you got some kind of income? I'd be taking Pipsy's advice and checking out options through Centrelink and finding out your position and entitlements. Do it all without telling anyone.

Try to keep out of the house as much as you can and most importantly - have an emergency bag ready to go. Have all your important documents safe and secure. Just in case something bad happens, you need to be able to exit quickly. You cannot live like this.