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Depressed & alone but must be "up" for the children, no local help

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So, I registered here & have read that I should turn to "local help". That's pretty awful, from the start.

It doesn't take into account many situations where that's not possible. I've shifted country's & been a victim of family violence...I have no one here as they were all of my partner's friends.

Suggestions to see a GP have already been followed-- but I don't need "numbing", I need some wisdom & support! Don't
say "doctors help"-- a waiting list of months & then what? I MUST work 7 days to pay our bills. Suggesting doctors doesn't help & makes it worse.

I left a loveless marriage with my two children in tow. I thought I'd found my soulmate. No, wrong. Ex has been awful & I've been in a car accident which saw me losing so much income-- but I still took care of my children. Their father won't offer help unless they beg & because that's so sad for them , they don't. I'm so tired. All of my family is dead & the family I thought I had has been turned against me.

I'm just numb. If I weren't caring for my kids, not sure I'd bother being here at all.

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Champion Alumni
hi Jane, welcome to the site and thanks for posting your comment.
It may have taken you awhile before you were strong enough to leave this r/ship, thinking of your children, but also concerned about your car accident and how badly you may have been injured, even though you work 7 days which is exhausting and doesn't give you any time to spend with your kids, or especially for yourself.
There seems to be so much I think you would like to tell us, but at the moment it appears as though you have no one to talk to and don't know who you can trust, but Jane I hope that you will be able to get back to us so we can continue this conversation. Geoff.