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Could be a major issue with my lady , not sure what to do in it. Thoughts ?

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As a few know from my other thread l met someone new about 10mths ago and again thanks so much for the help and thoughts back in that thread too it really helped . Unfortunately we have a could be a pretty big problem and l just dunno what to do about it or how to look at it.

You see she moved over to oz with her hubby 6yrs ago but they split up 2yrs later and divorced . he changed and got violent, nother story. Anyway they'd done visas and we're all set and approved but 3mths ago she got a new letter from immigration and they're reviewing their visas because they got divorced. better not go into details here but the whole thing is now the lawyer can't say whether they'll still approve her original visa or if she'll have to go for a whole new visa if the decide now something wasn't right .

Her and her h paid 14,000 for their applications 7k each , the most ridiculously dearest visa in the whole damn world that l can find by almost triple and ridiculously hard , most other countries in fact are only 3 and 400 dollars or euro . Well they were approved and basically just waiting on the official stamp so to speak and that was it.Butttt, so if she does have to reapply guess what , they don't refund the first 7k, she's gotta pay another 7k. as if the first wasn't enough, what a scam..

Anyway , l know how it might sound but nope it's all 100% legit l've seen all the original stuff from her and her ex 6mths ago because she was going through it all and showed me and l've seen the new letter even went with her to the lawyer and heard the whole story directly from him too.

l dunno wth to do . l mean we have a beautiful relationship l'd think marriage later for sure if it kept on like this but atm it's only been 10 mths and if it was any other country l couldn't care less about 3 or 400 bucks. But if it does come to that then we'd have to find about 8k all up l don't have it ex and me habe forked out a fortune on d's school this year and braces , she doesn't have near enough , l just dunno. And whatever we are , we just haven't been together long enough for me to tryst the whole sitch anyway yet.

Now l'm scared to let things go on with us right now because if worst happens there's nothing we can do, she'll probably have to leave the country and we bth end up broken hearted . The lawyer says she could know in a month or 18mths no way to tell.

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Hi to one and all , and how you been mil, hope the years going along nicely for ya.

Well , things are still in limbo and along the way ex and did some talking and some , well, blowing up too, as we usually manage to do or she does actually with her bp or whatever it is in there that rocks her keel like clockwork , but l'd think that chapter of our story may have come to it's close . She is still a very special and unique in this world lady though and l do hope she will find her someone that hopefully will calm her seas and be happy.

Gf was down for a few wks only but we're hoping her down or l go up again in the next few wks . She got work up home l might've said , so she had to take that for now to save as much as she can and so all her legal stuff and appointments are still based up there too bc it's too late in the stage now to swap all that to vic soooo, she'll have to ride it out unfortunately . So we've been mostly surviving on calls and vids and messages but it's just amazing how far we've still come , even with all these gaps and stresses and living separated she's never wavered . And we're also glad l talked to ex a bit bc l finally have some closure in all that , all we bloody want now is the damn visa fixed up.

On that one , man. longggggg sigh , lawyer expected her hearing early march but now that looks like mid yr sometime so basically it's still nowhere. She's trying her damndest to hang in there and get the docs together that will hopefully satisfy immigration , poor thing l can't believe what she's going through up there but she admits it's only about us now or she'd be tellin them to shove it and on a plane back to Portugal and l wouldn't blame her l'd be doin the same it's insane.

Soooo, that's about it for now. ps , any news mil .


Well , l feel guilty saying it right now in these bizarre times for all and l hope l'm not struck down by the Gods for even thinking it but gf just left back for Sydney, but we had a beautiful time , what lockdown it didn't even phase us, well except for her trip down and back.

We were really worried about that and weren't sure if she even should, or if she be able to get back later . her flight down was cancelled 4 times that day but they eventually put her on a midnight flight and she was 1 of only 25 on a 300 person plane so it was a strange trip and our 2hour drive home at 2am was even weirder , but ver cool. so few on the plane was really though a blessing right , but 2 wks later jetstar's personal had 30cases among them an it's completely shut down until june now , felt bad for them.

Anyway visa dramas are also on hold maybe for the rest of the yr no one knows but she still had appointments and her new temp live in job so she had to be back by frid this week , bugger. That was another classic , getting her there. We rounded up a midnight bus 3hrs drive up from melbourne to catch that and from there later on and all night train for the rest she got back 8am, poor thing whata night. l think l got back to my place about 5am. not a car on the road or freeways , just the odd truck. She's got a new pet name my wonder woman haha.

Anyway we had a beautiful timee but weird really lockdown isn't much different to our usual life anyway because l work from home and when l'm not we're just roaming about or cooking up storms, movies or bed haha , lot's of bed . but my resistance to the trickiness and visa situation is slowly failing me more and more and her leaving for sydney again wasn't easy this time let me tell you. Our dream would be to just get it all sorted once and for all and finally settle into to our new life buttttt, that resistance and hope is still faintly ticking away in the background though and guards are still up some for sure.

Next step is though we're trying to get advice as to whether her being in a new relationship would effect her case with immigration so we've kept it low, it might actually help though we were told now but it might damage it too , so much for all these experts but anyway so we're trying to get a better idea of that and if they say go for it she's moving down and changing everything to vic and my place here.

What really amazes us is every time she's down we;re better than ever and it's like she never even left, weird.

Apart from that l'm back to almost finishing my last job at work and then l'll probably be off until all this is over l think.

my daughters bf also move over to a place 1omins from here so she'll be coming and going a lot more too in the future which of course l'm really stoked about.

my house here though l've been planning 3 yrs now to finish renos by this spring sell and move to a better spot but with the virus and whatever shape the housing markets gonna end up in now after it all , God only knows now , could be stuck here now butttt, we see. lf that ends up the case then so be it.