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constant hurt

Community Member

hey anyone who sees this,

i’m not really expecting anyone to reply or anything it’s just more of letting it out but i’d also love if people replied to this too! i have an alcoholic mum and she’s drunk 80-90% of the time, right now she’s drunk after about 10-14 days of not drinking and it’s just annoying! every time she drinks she gets angry and abusive and sends me emotionally abusive messages and also calls me causing me emotional and psychological distress! it’s been like this for almost all my life (i’m 21) and i never paid much attention to it when i was younger but i have now that i’m older and it’s really taking its toll on me and affecting me even if i’m used to it!

i don’t really know what to do and it’s just so hard because i don’t have friends to turn to or see or i do and they either live to far away or don’t message me when i need them so i just suck it up and deal with it! i’m just really tired of this and what my mums doing to me it affects me more every time it happens and i just don’t know what to do. i keep blocking and unblocking my mum and when she’s not drinking i fall back into her trap again and hate myself even more when things get bad again and i just don’t know what to do anymore.

hopefully someone can relate to this or if not it’s okay and i just thank whoever actually bothered to read this! i hope that if anyone’s experiencing the same thing that you’re okay and remember it’s not your fault!!!

thank you 🙂

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Dear iamtrying,

I read your story just now and do not have any tips or experience to share with you, as it’s not something I have personally experienced.

But I just wanted to reach out to let you know that I care and am hoping that your mum can find a way through this and things can become ok for you.

I like your advice at the end - hoping you can also take that advice and know it’s not your fault.

Feel free to get back in touch if you’d like to air any further concerns.

All the very best to you 🙂