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Cheated betrayed and broken by someone I made my life for 7yrs is there a way out of this pain

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I am just here to know that what I can do to stop this hurt n pain . I was with my partner for 7 yrs we have a daughter together and we were so happy . But she  started cheating on me with someone at work we went thru a hard breakup in 2013 and I kept coming to know that she has been staying at hotels with this other guy spending all her free time on him so I decided to move on n it was hard but I did overcome a lot of pain . But suddenly she came back crying after a year of being with guy that she is very hurt by what happened n that other guy is not worth it and that she made a big mistake . So I supported her again made her overcome her pain n took her back we were back again working on it n she spent all time with me at mine for last 6 months finally I trusted her again n started loving her again but she just left for that guy again and not even saying anything I had to find out on my her mobile she left that she is chatting with other dude and can't wait to see him at a hotel I broke apart again n this time I'm blaming myself so much cause I have her a second chance I lifted her from the bottom where she was left by the other guy and she jus so cold heartedly left me alone without even decency for an explanation . It sucks cause I gave her a second chance I trusted her again blindly .. I love my daughter n I hate to see her face a separation of her parents again for this another guy  .. How do I deal with this pain now it just feels it's easier to give up why did I make her my priority again I have so many questions that my brain doesn't stop thinking n my heart sinks a little everytime .. I feel worthless I'm not wanted and how  long can I walk out of this house n put a fake smile when I'm dying inside bit by bit everyday I love my daughter she does give me strength to fight but i can't keep fighting anymore I'm not a bad person I didn't do wrong by her I wasn't perfect but I was honest always is there someone who can talk to me or let me know what I can do to feel better .. Is there a way out .. I want to live again and this is not living I feel trapped 

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white knight
Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi Suhail, welcome to beyond blue forums

Yes, you are honest and have done absolutely nothing wrong. You are a victim of a confused soul, your wife.

Sometimes honest and loving people are victims of other peoples actions.

It's time you moved on.

Seek an appointment with your doctor to get a referral to a therapist so you can talk about all the issues.

In time you can put all this behind you. Remember, your daughter needs you. Always be available for her. But this relationship must end for your own health benefit. You cannot allow yourself to be hurt like this on and off.

Tony WK

Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

dear Suhail, I feel so sorry for you and what she has done to you, and yes you do have a daughter who you love, but I'm not sure how she feels about her mother, probably let down and disgusted by her actions.

There could be a chance that she wants to return back with you, but you have to tell her to move out and file for divorce.

Someone who does this is not worth 'a bar of soap', that is not worth anything, because she has done completely the wrong thing by you.

You may still love her, but I still love my ex after she divorced me, but we could never live together again, just as you can't live with her again, because she's just as likely to run off again.

I would tell her to come and get what she wants or what you both agree on her taking.

I feel so sorry for you and your daughter but I have no sympathy what so ever for her, and this chap who she has run off with will not last, and has she thought about whether he has a wife and kids.

I would like to say other remarks but I will wait to get a reply from you. Geoff.