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Can it work

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Hey guys .

So here go's .

I have been married for ten years . We have hers mine and our children all living together. currently she is seeing someone else she met at counselling who was ment to be her support. She says she wants to work on us but at the moment this person is helping her understand why she cheats . My thoughts are that any advice he gives her is tainted as he is no longer impartial if they are sleeping together . We do love each other and still have sex . But today i said i could no longer work on us while he is in the picture . Very confusrd atm . Any advice welcome .

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Champion Alumni
hi k-dog, it doesn't matter how much you love her and she may still want to be intimate with you, a marriage and her being in contact with someone else as you say, it can never work.
I wouldn't doubt that they are sleeping together, she has been enthralled by what he tells your wife, he has captivated her every thought and taking advantage of it in every way possible to please himself.
If you want her, then this other chap must not be around, even if she tells you he isn't, this has to be verified, but this is where you have to trust her or you don't, that's a decision you need to make.
My concern is what will happen in the future. Geoff.

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Hi K-dog,

Sounds to me like you have done the right thing. You can't work on your relationship if someone is influencing the conversation and direction you want to go.

Maybe discuss with your wife you are not willing to continue on this path if he is around.

You are worth a lot more than she seems to be giving you and you deserve the right for respect.

Hope this helps but try and keep on the up.


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Champion Alumni
hi K-dog, just concerned about how you are going, please, I hope that you can get back to us, I know it's so painful for you and absolutely understand you for being in this position, but please share your pain with us. Geoff.