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bipolar and family's perspective

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i have been hospitalised and just came back home from having been confirmed diagnosed with bipolar disorder. my parents are ashamed and embarassed. anyone else have this condition? i am learning it is not just me and i am not alone in this. recently kanye west talks about his bipolar. is anyone else's parents have that stigma? if so what do you do about it? any comments or suggestions is appreciated, thanks and peace out.
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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Dear bigbipolarbear,

Wwelcome to the forums 😊

I am so ssirry to hear about Your experience with your family ... there is nothing to be ashamed of embarrassed about, I hope they will take the time to educate themselves and learn about your condition. Some of the cleverest and most interesting people around have bipolar!

I don't have bipolar but there are lots of lovely people here on the forums who do, and will be able to give you their experiences.

There is a thread called "This bipolar life" here , if you type that into the search bar, it's a thread where you can chat with other members who have bipolar and ask questions, etc, they will welcome you with open arms.

Your username reminds me of one of my favourite movies "Infinitely Polar Bear" have you seen it?

Take care, and hope to see you round the forums.


Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello bigpolarbear,

I too welcome you the forum.

I was diagnosed with bipolar over 40 years ago and so have seen many things change.

Back then there was a lot of stigma and I felt ashamed.

I feel with organisations like Black Dog Institute and Beyond Blue and people like Stephen Dry and the late Carrie Fisher, things are gradually changed and people are more informed.

I am sorry your parents feel like that, maybe if they had more information they may feel differently.

There are lots of resources on line. Black Dog Institute web page has information for family of someone with bipolar and Beyond Blue has information too..

As Birdy mentioned Feel free to drop into This bipolar life, which is a friendly place to visit, to ask questions or just to be around others who understand.

Of course feel free to post here as much was you like.

It can be a bit hard getting used to a diagnosis. I am thinking your parents are probably worried about you and a bit scared. I think once you get used to things hopefully they will feel more confident.

It is great you wrote your post and I am pleased to meet you and I love your name.