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It has been 8 months, i am still in this marriage… i contracted chlamydia, still suffering it is a infection that just wont go way even after treatment. Explaining such a thing to family is almost impossible, when i am still in denial (maybe) after 5 years of marriage or separation anxiety or attachment. my partner unreliable and is using toxic substances. I lost my job going through all this, i was terminated from my position due to arriving late. I had a car accident, thank god no one got hurt i hit a parked car although going court for it. I am unable to find a job and have this court case pretty soon, most likely ill be loosing my licence for two years ( first accident ). Im in a dark hole not knowing what to do.  

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Community Champion

it seems as though everything is going against you at the moment - all of which can be stressful one their own but for all these to be happening at once. 😞


I don't really have anything I could say to make it an easier for you 


I wonder if there is anyone you are able to speak to about the family situation and work problems. I know that writing it all down can be helpful for some... even in reflecting and writing, you may find the solution to the whatever is troubling you. Whether you want to do that privately, or put part of it here, is up to you. Just know this is a safe and non-judgmental space. And I will listen...

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Community Champion



I'm so sorry to hear about what you've been going through, but grateful that you're found the courage to reach out to us. Such a powerful first step.


Do you have a GP, or even a therapist or psychologist, who you would feel comfortable reaching out to? They may be able to offer some professional advice to support you here.


Would there be a way to explain how you're feeling to your family without mentioning the sensitive topics? You may not have to list any specifics, but just opening up about how you're feeling unhappy at the moment? If you would not be comfortable, that's alright, you don't have to if you don't want to. Support networks can be really powerful in the journey of healing, as the people who know you best can offer insightful and relevant advice to suit your specific circumstances.


I'm sorry to hear about your car accident, and losing your job. It sounds like you've been through a lot of significant events in a short space of time, your feelings are justified. Would you be ready to start seeking out a new job at this stage, or would you need to give yourself a little break and some time to attend to other matters? I would listen to your body and your mind as much as realistically possible. If you are able to have some time off before seeking employment elsewhere, and you feel like this would help you reset a little, I would encourage you to take that opportunity. If this would not be a possibility, are there any jobs you feel you would be happy applying for? 


I hope that something within this advice can resonate with you. I can understand your feelings here, and wish you all the best. Just know that we're here to chat some more if you need.


Take care, SB