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Awkwardness and suffering

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This post may not sound directly related to anxiety or depression but the reason I am writing it on Beyond Blue and not a Facebook singles group is there's always a chance that my anxiety is playing a significant role. Basically I am a fairly unattractive twenty year old whose never had a girlfriend. I wouldn't say I'm self hating, I appreciate my own good qualities, I just don't have any faith that other people do. The dilemma I'm in at the moment is there is a girl that I fancy (not really a strong enough word but it's the best I could think of). We have been friends for a few months and I am now facing the choice of either asking her out and potentially making our friendship awkward (we aren't incredibly close but do see each other quite a bit), or not asking her out and feeling terrible for potentially missing out on a wonderful opportunity like I've done so many times before. I don't have many people in real life that I'm comfortable talking to about things like this and I'm just really confused about how well you have to know someone before it becomes weird to suddenly ask them out. Do most people ask out friends ? It seems like they do but I've heard so many people say they don't because they don't want to ruin the friendship. I'm so lost right now
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Hello Makers Marker, welcome to the site and your post is rather emotional and please don't describe yourself as what you've said, everyone has their own beauty.

I think it's great you have been friends for a while and there's always an old saying, 'the longer you leave it the harder it is' because there will be too many 'what if' and trying to decide between negative and positive thoughts which may not even eventuate.

Remember she maybe thinking exactly the same so ask her out, give it a chance, you won't know until you ask her.

Have the confidence and breathe in for the strength, and please let us know.