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am I just a bad person and karma has come

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My son died in 1997 aged 18. Had his car for one week and died in it. My mother had Alzheimer's in 2006 and passed away. In 2006 at the same nursing home my father met a Russian woman who had married a man from Canberra in Russia. He brought her and her daughter to Canberra in 2006. She then claimed supposedly domestic violence in 2006 and got residency. She used my father and cried poor. In 2012 he was starting to show signs of dementia. In July 2013 she took his financial documents and secretly had him have a memory test and married him 12 August 2013. She kepte from him. She wanted his money. She tried court action to keep me away and lied to everyone. His dr sedated him with medication which should never have been given to an 88 yr old. She sold our family home sold of or threw away our memories. Eleven months later my father was dead and she got everything. She didn't tell me he died wouldn't let me at funeral as only immediate family ie her and her daughter were allowed. Today is 12 months since he died. Very bad day
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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Little people,

I am sorry to hear all this, you have had a very tough time and anniversaries can bring it all out. Sad that you couldn't get to your Dad's funeral, I hope you can have your own memorial ceremony to remember him.

After this bad day, can you have a good day, to remember those you have lost with love? Perhaps it is time to treat yourself to something that brings you peace and happiness. Love to you.