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Always fighting

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My parents can't stop fighting. Any advice?
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Hi *Claudia* I remember being young and lying in bed listening to my parents fight it was not nice , my father was an alcoholic and although he never was violent he was drunk .. I found myself confused and alone ..Do they fight every night ? ..How old are you ?

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Hey what if you get some nice music on and try to drift off to sleep , BUT know that your mum and dad love you very much and the reason they are fighting is their stuff ..nothing to do with you .. When you can get your mum alone when she seems happy and let her know how you feel when they fight ....Sleep Well

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Hi Claudia, it's nice to see you on the forum! My main thought with your post.. Claudia are you… SAFE??

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Hi *Claudia*,

Firstly, welcome to the forums. I, too have dealt with fighting parents, growing up. It is never easy to have to listen too. Like simonc01 said, maybe listening to some music so you don't have to hear it is a good thing to do and maybe speaking to them when they are calmer and let them know how it is making you feel.

My best for you,