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After advice please

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Hi everyone,i have anxiety & depression which was diagnosed 9 years ago.1 year ago my now 21 year old son was diadnosed with anxiety.He has been on about 6 different medicines and the doctor got him 12 sessions to see a phycologist which didnt seem to help him at all.We have no idea if he even talked to the phycologist because of his age we have no rights to know what was said.He has no job and we get no help from centrelink for him financially or he gets no help to get assistance to get a job because of his anxiety because he gets no centrelink.Ive asked doctor after doctor for help with him & no one helps.Its putting strain on my own anxiety and depression,it's causing problems with our other children because he sits in his room all day every day,he's angry all the time & lashes out,he refuses to do chores or talk to us.He will go out occasionally with his friends & drinks to the point he cant remember stuff.I feel like imsinking into the deep dark depression pit if we don't get help for him soon.I just want my son back not this angry she'll of a person
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Hello Loislane, and a warm welcome.

When you are put into a situation where you can't seem to find a way out, then you hope there are others who can give you some advice.

Can I first give you a link to put into your search browser 'https://www.beyondblue.org.au › get-support › find-a-professional', these are doctors who are aligned with BB and deal with MI then hopefully your son will be able to connect with one of them and then be referred to a psychologist.

Your son needs to be able to talk with someone with ease if he clams up then nothing will help him, another place which he can contact is KidsHelpline 1800 55 1800, these people are casually dressed so your son maybe able to talk freely with them.

This helpline is for 5 year olds up to 25 years old and if you can get back to us that would be great.

Best wishes.


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Hello Loislane,

That sounds like a very difficult situation and one that’s very hard to take care of your own mental health at the same time.

I think it would be a good idea if you contacted Headspace at:

1800 650 890

Headspace is focused on people aged 12-25 and offers support to the young person, as well as their family. They have a phone, email or online chat service which you or your son can access.

They are in the best position to ask about services that might be out there for your son to access. For example, they run centres throughout Australia that can offer longer term support from a mental health professional. This might be a helpful option since the 12 Medicare psychologist sessions per year may not be sufficient.

I hope this helps. Maybe write a list of questions that you’d like to ask before you contact them. Especially about service options for your son, but also yourself. Take care.