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8 weeks pregnant and boyfriend wants me to terminate it but I have huge emotions towards it

Community Member
So I found out I’m pregnant and at first I was sure I was going to get an termination being 21 and the stigma around young parents. However, I have now had an ultrasound and saw the baby and watched it’s heart beating and felt an instant connection. I felt happy seeing it and then so sad after because I now wasn’t sure I wanted to terminate. My boyfriend is not understanding or supporting me through this confusion. We are young and it’s very scary and won’t be easy but I have been independent since I was 16 and I am ready to support it and love it. My boyfriend has called me selfish for not doing what he wants and that I will ruin his life if I keep it and I just don’t know what to do.
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Community Member

Dear jade,

life is cruel. In 10 years time, given you’ve had a baby what do you think your life will turn out into. With or without your baby. You are saying you are independent and please don’t let anyone to take that away from you. Do you have support from your parents if you decide to bring this baby into the world. Do you have your support group. If your boyfriend decides to leave, can you cope alone with the baby.

im 40 now diagnosed with endometriosis at 29. I was strong and independent just like you in my early twenties. I would not careless if I was a single mum. I’m one of those people who does not care about what society thinks of single mums. All I care is that I can raise my baby as a single mum. So does the idea of a single mum appeal to you? How will you cope?

regards denham.