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30 yr old male w/ 50 yr old partner

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Hi, I am new to the forum.

The age gap alone was challenging, the step child with an intellectual disability was even more challenging...

I was made redundant in 2016. I started a new job in 2017 and was recently sacked.

I have been on AD medication for the past 3 years. I consciously with the help of my GP decided to lure myself off the medication in March 2016 . Without warning months later i was made redundant. Now back on AD I have become isolated. Fear of even looking for a Job yet alone the financial strain of paying off the roof over my family's head.

Currently seeing a professional for the second time.

Can CBT really work?

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Champion Alumni
hello Panavision, if you love someone that much then the age gap doesn't mean that much, it's the drawing of attracting someone who loves you as you are, so your partner will certainly be able to help you understand what her child needs and how to help h/her.
It's always a doubtful decision whether or not people should stop taking their AD's, because there are two reasons why this happens, they don't agree with you and secondly you are feeling so much better that you feel you don't need then anymore, and I'm no doctor, but before anyone stops taking them they have to be free from any mental disorder before even considering they stop, the trouble is once we have depression we are never free from it.
I am still deeply sorry for the situation you are now in and do hope that you are able to get centrelink benefits, the money isn't much, but it might be just a buffer.
I think any sort of counseling at the moment may help you, just as long as you get along with the psychologist, otherwise anything that is done won't help you, but if the two of you get on with each other then it's much easier to be honest and open up. Geoff.