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Should I just suck this up?

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

OK, this isn't easy for me to write bcas I respect police also but this is my situation.

I aparantly unlawfully entered a friends property, that's right a friends property. He wasn't home and I wasn't believed. Anyhow I was put in a mental institution. I preferred the hospital choice over the police station choice thinking I'll be in there for a couple weeks.

3 months later I came out overmedicated feeling like shite...misdiagnosed with a mental illness as a " safety net" seriously!!!!

3 months of my life where I couldn't work, and live my normal life. Inclosed in a small space, going crazy.

Should I just " suck this up". ?

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Valued Contributor

Hi Guest,

Wow, I'm a little speechless. I have to admit that I don't know enough about the law or the police to properly comment on the legal aspect...

But it does sound like those 3 months were horrendous and a huge blow to your dignity and mental health. That must have been a very traumatic experience...my heart goes out to you.

Pepper xo

Thankyou very much pepper. All of the above, a huge blow to my dignity & mental health & it was traumatic. You end up listening to traumatic stories in there. Not to mention dangerous and scary. Fights, swearing, you prob get the picture. Lots of people confined isn't a good idea. Especially when we are forced against our will on medication when it fact some of us were quite normal. Shame.

Hi Guest,

Any time, I'm glad my words helped give you some small comfort.

Yeah, I would imagine that it's a very toxic environment. Being in there was traumatic enough as it was so the last thing you needed was the additional trauma of having to deal with/witness other people's issues, etc.

I hope you have been able to restore- or you're in the process of restoring- some of that blow to your dignity after leaving that horrible place. I know you have been hurt and traumatised but I also sense incredible resilience in you...

Kind thoughts,

Pepper xoxo

Thanks pepper,

You gave me a small comfort. I guess I have been doing things for restoration, like going to restaurants, the gym, working on my business etc...

In the past I was in an area where a fire was lit. I was surrounded by police trying to get me to confess to it, something I didn't do.

They can be suspicious. It's quite scary at times.

You can take away my freedom

But u cannot touch my voice

I can't believe I didn't have a choice

Overmedicated in an unjust way

Now I'm here to say g'day

Are your jobs really worth the pain they cause to others

I guess you know, it shows.

Are you going to come down to say hello?

Or keep tossing and turning on your pillow

Its prob out of your mind your fine

While I still suffer the consequence.

It makes me sad and upset I am going through this. I am on a mental health order for 6 months.

I have ppl believing I have a mental illness. I have a case worker ( who by the way became delusional and I pointed this out) At the tribuneral they spoke of my mood, so what if I was down, that does not mean I'm bipolar. And I did not unlawfully enter properties like what was said. The second time I knocked. I knocked at the second property I didn't just go in. I have two so- called powers opposing me. I am sad. And I have been over medicating myself bcas of this mental health order.

The doctor wouldn't inject me, he wouldn't even give a guy panadine forte. I love how doctors are on my side. ( on the order you have to be medicated). I don't want to be medicated for 6 months.

My crazy life.....

I keep getting the feeling something worse could happen. Its prob normal in my circumstance.

Ppl have always used things against me. Not everyone is compassionate. Yeah. I prob have to suck this up before worse things happen to me.

Life is shifty & dodgy & unjust. Not everything goes in a straight line. Sometimes there's corners, there's curveballs.

Im unsettled about being medicated.

I hold the truth above my head with a torch....

I am walking through the dark with my torch held high.

This will not defeat me. I don't believe in being defeated. Why? Why should I bow down? I hold the truth with my torch. I know when life feels off. Nobody can take my torch, nobody.

Hi Guest,

It looks like you're being haunted by your past betrayal and trauma. What a dark place that must have been and still is sometimes...

I hear you...maybe one day at a time. One moment at a time if need be.

Kind thoughts,

Pepper xo