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Should I just suck this up?

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Valued Contributor

OK, this isn't easy for me to write bcas I respect police also but this is my situation.

I aparantly unlawfully entered a friends property, that's right a friends property. He wasn't home and I wasn't believed. Anyhow I was put in a mental institution. I preferred the hospital choice over the police station choice thinking I'll be in there for a couple weeks.

3 months later I came out overmedicated feeling like shite...misdiagnosed with a mental illness as a " safety net" seriously!!!!

3 months of my life where I couldn't work, and live my normal life. Inclosed in a small space, going crazy.

Should I just " suck this up". ?

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Hey Magic πŸ’ and all

Yes I thought same as Guest mentioned about ? Seatbelt pain. Maybe the hospital mentioned that could happen. Suggesting although it sounds reasonable keep a check on that too lovey.

Nasty stuff isnt it and there's so much more as you know than the accident alone which is the biggy.

I wondered about the car. Didn't know how fragile the emotions were which I'd say would've been shaken so didn't ask then. Good on your uncle. I'm pleased because you need that freedom to get away or at least out of house when you can

How are you now hun emotionally? Sometimes when shock wears off that protects us a bit we can have a delayed crumble. That's quite ok and understandable too.

Monks been thinking quite a bit about your sitch for a while now more so than usual.

I'm concerned about how you've been feeling lately or for a while I suspect. You're at home a lot more now. I think sometimes is choice? not working as much & for different reasons no choice too. Way less exercise and with your poor foot completely get it. All of it I get Magic...truth. Absolutely no judgement darl.

Why I'm saying this is for you to be careful & aware that it from there can be too easy to plummet into deep depression esp if life knocks land on top.

Was wondering because of 15 mins I think walking starts really hurting your feet, geez darl that's a real slacker eh, how do you feel about doing say 5 mins every now and then. Could help strengthen them but might be an idea to run that past the Dr or physio. I'm hoping opposed to not as much use they might improve over time.

Do you like bike riding hun. Might be one of your gym activities which could help with what's it called...yip metabolism and any exercise as you could be aware creates energy.

I know you got a buzz from the painting, wondering if you might like to do some on a card for your dear Nan. A personal touch has a different feel

Ok darl a healing breath of wind πŸ’¨ sent your way... with some ☺...πŸ’— love and πŸ˜… laughter you can feel by thinking back to any funnies that come to mind.

Good girl resting up too also lovey try not to lift or carry things for a while too πŸ€— that's a super super gentle hug.

Aunty Bunny πŸ‡πŸ’πŸ‘€

Hi guest,

Im not sure if it's from the seatbelt or from the way I jolted during the crash but it sure does hurt.

My nan has some photos at the aged care place.


I like bike riding. There's exercise bikes at the gym it's just a matter of getting there.

Emotionally I'm still ok after the crash. Felt sad and frustrated I lost my 4 wd and angry I'm in pain but that's about it. Just glad things weren't worse as well.

I ordered some delicious Lebanese food through menu log which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Db I do stay home a lot but I'm not plummeting into a depression so U don't need to worry there. It means a lot that you are thinking of me and my situation.


Hi all,

My grandmother is doing much better in residential care. She's going to all the activities and eating all of her food. I'm feeling better about that situation now.

I've been resting after my car accident to heal. Hands getting better where shards of glass cut it and my collarbone and sternum aren't in as much pain.

Im working tomorrow which I'm looking forward to. It will be good to get out of the house. I'll be driving and probably extra cautious.

How cold is it- omg


Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello Lovely Magic...πŸ€— and everyone....πŸ€—..

I am so happy to hear that your grandmother is going to the activities offered to her and eating all her meals...that’s really wonderful news...I’m sure your grandmother will be much loved and cared their by the medical staff and residents....hopefully some nice friendships will be formed...

Magic...yes do take it easy, driving your uncles var into work today...it’s not as familiar as your car and will probably handle different then yours....

Nice that your caring for yourself very gently, very well done sweet lady...Oh no..I hope your hands aren’t too badly hurt...did you need stitches at all.... at end soak them in warm salt water to help stopping any underlaying infections.....

I hope work went well for you...have a great night with plenty of rest and relaxation....

My care, love and hugs sweet Magic..πŸ¦‹πŸ’œπŸ€—..


Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi Grandy,

I didn't need stitches, I just had lots of small cuts on my right hand from the glass.

The car drove well it's just much lower to the ground bcas it's a sports car. I don't feel that safe in it compared to my 4wd but I just have to make do with what I've got.

Work went well. I was highest performer for the job that I was on today.

Ive booked in to get an MRI. They want me to get a cyst on my brain checked for any changes. It's not affecting me in any way. The neurosurgeon was even asking how I'd feel If I was to get it cut out. Gee I hope not.

Im going out to lunch tomorrow at a Lebanese restaurant with a friend. Should be good.

Hope you are all doing ok.

Love πŸ’

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello lovely Magic...

I do love Lebanese food...especially their cakes and desert...I hope you have a great time..

I’m sorry sweetheart that you have a cyst on your brain....I hope the tests go good for you...The specialists will work out the way for removal...if it needs removing....Its good that your not feeling any symptoms from it....finger crossed for you dear Magic.....I have a cyst on my kidney that my Dr is having investigated....we knew about it a few years back...but because of chronic back pain she’s thinking maybe the cyst is responsible...I need to make the appointment first at the mri place in the next town...The paperwork is still sitting after 2 weeks on the back seat of my carπŸ˜‚..I’m not afraid of the outcome...just traveling that far, then sitting in the waiting room is what’s holding me back...

Well done with being the best performer at work....you rock....sweet warrior girl....

I remember when we had a sports car...and how low they are it does make it awkward to get in and out....Please be safe with it...I know you are, but just had to say so...

Stay warm Dear Magic..and really hope you have a great time today at lunch..

Hugs beautiful friend.πŸ€—


Heya Magic πŸ’ Grandy and everyone πŸ‘‹

Wow that's fantastic about your dear Nan what a relief lovey for her and all concerned. So pleased. It's painful seeing people we love and care about being in turmoil.

So happy for you darlin it's sounding like your lifes starting to pick back up again slowly but surely. There's a definate positive glow in your post it's warming knowing our warriors on the way back up. Warriors don't stay down long you know it's the magic doing it's thang ☺

They're keeping an eye on the cyst which is great and yes as our gorjy (gorgeous) Grandy πŸ‘©β€β€οΈβ€πŸ‘© said good no symptoms.

It is good getting out of the house as we know it can be too easy to hibernate in a safe place which is completely understandable. Trouble is we miss out on living. I find it refreshing and quite invigorating being amongst it all. Gives us time out of our heads for a bit is a plus too. We need stimulation that distraction and change create. Gotta be a good thing eh

Hey you go girl top performer for that jobby nice one. Just the boost you needed I reckon. Must feel good lovey. Go da magic πŸ’ƒ

πŸ˜† Had a funny vision of trying to get into a sports car ...struth let alone out! I pictured the angles I'd be in, how long it'd take... reckon I'd need a monkey bar to hold onto like in hospitals above the head and the screeches 😲 of pain they'd need earmuffs. They'd probs make me walk πŸ˜„.

In my teens I had trouble getting out of an MG wow was hilarious. They said you have to kinda roll out. Imagine that'd be the case with a couple under the belt πŸ˜†

Keep rolling with the goods our Monks

Love friendship and care always hun πŸ€—πŸ˜€πŸ‡πŸ•Š

Hi all,

Time is the best healer. Feeling much better now since the accident. I was having flashbacks but that has seemed to calm down now and my body has been healing. My hand is looking much better as well. I drive past the accident site on my was home and theyres still shattered glass on the road. I also keep thinking I'm going to be in another accident. I guess that's normal after the shock I had with the ute running the red light heading straight for me, it shatters your sense of safety and confidence driving on the road.

Now I'm saving for a new car. I want to buy another 4 wd.

Ive been working a bit...bit by bit money's going into my account for that 4wd or SUV.

Now my grandmother is complaining again and doesn't want to be living where she is. She's in two minds I guess. I think it's pride. She thinks she is still capable when she's not. She hasn't accepted that she needs care.


Community Champion
Community Champion

Dear MM~

I'm glad the flashbacks are settling down. Of course your confidence in other drivers is at an all time low - it would be for anyone.

I guess there aren't all that many that run red lights at speed, more just make silly mistakes and have low speed crashes.I'd suspect hte dometic kitchen has more accidents.

Aiming for another 4WD strikes me as very sensible, robust and good visibility, it's the same sort of thinking I have. The fact you have the opportunity to work brings it that much closer.

I guess your grandma has to face the same problem an awful lot of people have, getting old presents problems, and no, we simply are not capable of doing what we used to be able to do. Frustrating and upsetting but one is stuck with it.

Nobody can be a 24/7 carer for somone with early onset dementia or even just being unsteady and falling often. So please don't feel guilty about it - there really are no options other than being in residential care -sadly that's life.

If it is any consolation my MIL hated being put in care, but after a while turned around and became one of the mainstays of the place, new friends and visits from old ones and family made her surprisingly happy. No brooding or feeling left out. Her window was near the front entrance and she mspent many happy hours seeing who was coming and going.

That sort of time-filler would not suit you or me, but in her reduced mental state was what made her feel occupied and happy.

Hope you end up with new wheels soon


Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Well I'm giving this a shot. I thought I'd write on my thread and see if I get any response after the new forums have been introduced. How would any one even know I've written on here. I think the old forums were a more advanced version to be honest. Anyway write back if U even see this post.