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Sad musings

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi everyone,

I'm not sure what to say other than I'm just on edge, cranky and sad at the same time. I'm aware of helplines, doctors, mental health plans, mindfulness, CBT, smiling mind app, distractions, doing things we love, etc, etc. I feel as though I've hit a wall...

I know that I want to make some sort of change or changes but I'm unsure of the nature of this change. A general feeling of unease. When you're deeply unhappy but you're not even 100% sure why.

Seriously, this all probably seems kind of vague and I'm not sure what I'm hoping to achieve here, and I know that no one has the answer except for me (whatever that is...throws hands up in frustration).

All I can say is I think life is difficult and often painful. It's the daily, in-between moments that I find the hardest. Sometimes I wonder if brief moments of reprieve is as good as it gets.


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Hello Gentle Peppy and lovely Birds...

Im pleased I put a smile on your face Peppy..you often give me one as well....

Would be amazing to be an eagle, I have often dreamt that I was one...Flying high up in the clouds, and weaving in and out of them..then flying to the highest mountains and being able to just perch in a tree up their and watch the world through different eyes...

No.not at all sounds silly Peppy....I have heard those one words from Rudyard Kipling before and I love that quote/words..My interpretation of them... is “each wolf looks out for each other and works together as a team”.. everything works well when every wolf does their share to help....relates to this COVID-19 in a way...If the world’s people all works together..We can as a team defeat the coronavirus...

I hope your day was a good day..dear Peppy...

Hello lovely Birds...I hope your feeling okay also..

Dance with the stars, move with the sea...Let the rhythm of the water, set yourselves free...

My care, love and hugs beautiful Peppy & Birds..🦋💜🤗.


Hi gorgeous Grandy (& a wave to all),

How lovely to see you here. Thank you so much for making time for me today. What a gift that is, lovely one 🙂

I can see why you chose an eagle. The freedom, the power & the strength...

Perhaps their independence & solitude draws them to you too?

I don’t know too much about eagles, but they strike me as creatures who enjoy their own company for the most part...I may be wrong though. I need to look that up one day...

As for wolves, I think at a basic level, they are team players but they can also be leaders; you get a mix in any pack & everyone plays a unique role. Cooperation & compromise is important.

So I think it also means each wolf will at some point, have to give up a personal want or need for the long-term benefit of the pack...

I don’t think all people necessarily understand that concept though...

Thank you for thinking of me. Your post was received with a smile.

Warm hugs and a gift of tomato soup for you...thank you for writing to me...

Peppy xoxo

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member
Thinking of you my friend ❤
Hello dear Grandy 💕,

I have had a really wretched few weeks, i can't say it's been "the worst", but my world has been tipped at least sideways .... i am hoping to come talk with you tomorrow.

Lots of love - i mean it

🌻b xoxo

Darling friend/beautiful b (& a wave to gorgeous Grandy),

What an awful, awful time you’ve been having, my friend. I feel saddened that you’ve been struggling so much...

I care about you, I’m here for you & I’m listening. There’s absolutely no pressure, but you can unload here any time here...I care and want to know how you are doing & feeling...

I’m holding a hand of friendship out to you, beautiful friend.

Sending gentle comfort & reassurance your way...

I’m thinking of you...

With much, much love xoxox

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hello Peppy and Birdy..

Birds..I hope your okay lovely lady...I also feel saddened by the troubled times you’ve have/having the past few weeks...

I would also like to hold my hand out with our gentle Pepper...

Birdy...The sunflower 🌻..Has a unique ability to turn itself towards the sun....

Take hold of us lovely little Birdy and we will help try to turn your word around again to be faceing toward the sun...

Sending you both much love, care, and big hugs....Birdy and Peppy...from my heart to yours..


Hi there beautiful Peppystar ☘Tweety 🐣 Grandy 👩‍❤️‍👩 and readers ☺

Dear Peppy it's been way too long since I've been here. I hope you believe darling friend that you truly are often in my thoughts which isn't the same I know as popping in but is true. I really do care very much 🤗 ..freebie

It's a concern that you two lovely friends aren't travelling so well atm. I'm sorry to be hearing that. I read a few back and a while back read a few hun. I hope todays looking brighter for you loves. It's so hard isn't it. It feels like you're trapped.

I don't know if any words will be of help but just want you both to know you're loved appreciated and very cared about.

You both matter to many.

Sending love affection 🤗 🍫 and ..oops.. soz..🙄 that was meant to be that 🍎 of yours Peps you know the crunchy non alcoholic type...remember I'm looking after those...Grandy said it was ok...or was that a dream...🤔...hymmm

So much love and time for you beautifuls you too of course my bbff 👩‍❤️‍👩

Take care lovely ones 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🌹 and all other lovelies out there ☺

Dear beautiful friend, gorgeous Grandy, Aunty Deebsta and everyone reading along,

Firstly, thank you so much yiu lovely people for your care, love and support!

Grandy that was so lovely, it's true about the sunflower turning it's face towards the sun! Isn't that amazing? That a flower can do that? I have certainly been trying to, i have been so lucky to have some positive things happening at the same time as this really big awkward horrible wretched (ok ok I'll stop with the negative adjectives) situation, so it's kind of balanced things out a bit. I could bore you with the details of my excitement!! But you will seriously regret encouraging me 💤😴💤

Now - how did you guys get your spirit animals? I lnlw Peps you said way back that you think you'd be a wolf, cos of the whole Pack thing - is it just an instinctive thing?

Grandy, you said Eagle - i know you look to their freedom and soaring high above and their grace ... do you just choose it?

I looked it up,because I've bever thought about a spirit animal again, and it came up with a quiz. So one night just after I'd read your posts, i did the quiz and it came up with Owl. Then a few nights later i did it again and it came up with a Bear.

I was just interested how you guys chose.

My friend Pep, how are you? Have you felt some freedome lately with slight lifting of restrictions ? Or is it still very strict where you are?

I have lost track with the rukes to be honest, because I've been having a sad, awful time 😥

I might post in my cheery old Doomfest thread later, although I'm anxious that i will be doing the wrong thjng by my family? To mention what's going on? 😥

Love you ❤ hope you're all feeling well xo

Hi wonderful DB (& a wave to all),

Thanks so much for dropping by. It’s lovely to see you here 🙂

I appreciate the kind words, thoughts and caring. Thank you for the love, affection and...wait chocolate bars?...just you wait for that invoice though 😉

I hope you’re being kind to yourself and that Mr Deebi is doing okay too.

Supersoul hugs and much love xoxo

Hugs and love to Grandy xoxo

Comfort, love and friendship to beautiful b. I know you’re going through a hard time, my friend. Hand outstretched xoxox

Darling friend/beautiful b (& a wave to all),

I’m very sorry to post again. I only just saw your latest post after writing today. I hope that’s okay...I try not to do that too often. It’s mostly when I accidentally miss a post...

My beautiful friend, what a horrible time you have been having...I don’t know what has happened, but it’s clearly something very big. My heart is open and I’m listening intently, my friend...

I think you’re allowed to feel negative emotions, hurt and struggle. We are sitting with you in your hurt and struggle.

You don’t have to pretend to be okay if that’s not how you’re truly feeling...maybe give yourself permission to not be okay...we won’t think any less of you...

I know you love and respect your family, and want to respect their feelings and privacy. I know mrs be means the world to you. Your love for your family is precious...

I also know you want to do the right thing by them, because of your compassion, care & your love...but at the same time, I also feel there’s a story that is wanting to be told. Or deep feelings that want to be expressed...there’s something stirring...

I don’t know what is the right thing to do or how much you want to share. But as long as you are comfortable sharing, we are comfortable too.

We are listening, we care & we respect however much you wish to share or not share. Your thread is always available to you if you wish to let some of it out...maybe it’s time, my friend?

That quiz sounds interesting. I wonder, what does the owl or bear mean? Does it mean anything to you or was it simply what the quiz told you?

I chose a wolf instinctively. There’s no real reason, aside from the Pack thing. When I picture a wolf, I understand something. It’s hard to put in words...

I suppose pack animal aside, they are also ferocious creatures even when alone. They tend not to be alone for long though...it just means they are going to form their own pack soon.

They understand it’s not always about “me.” That sometimes we have to do things we don’t like for the benefit of the Pack.

As for restrictions lifting, we will probably get a second wave. The question is how big or small. I’m erring on the side of caution till we understand the size of wave no.2...

A gentle hug to you. You’re in my thoughts. You’re welcome to post here any time, or on your own thread. I’m listening, either way.

Hand outstretched in friendship. I think you’re a wonderful person. Sending love, affection and comfort your way, my friend xoxox

Oh no.

I wrote a biiiig reply 😔😔😔 all gone 😔😔😔