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bpd new diagnosis

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recently diagnosed w bpd. it all makes sense and feels validating but i’m scared of the stigma. i’ve even noticed my bf has withdrawn since i told him about it 😞

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Oh dear, the feeling could be a symptom I.e. abandonment or unrelated.


I was recently diagnosed as an older woman, BPD - compensated... so I learnt how to get through and functionwith no intervention... the same quack noted that I am a flirt, yes a psychiatrist was paid over 400 to make me feel uncomfortable because he found me attractive...


Although I do believe this diagnosis is true for some, don't let it define you.

You may just be strong and don't conform to traditional rules... 


We do all sit within an interesting spectrum, work on your confidence, reflection and if you feel like the diagnosis is correct, EDMR is like magic x promise