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PLEASE READ: What this forum is for (trigger warning advisory)

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

The threads in this section have been created by longer-term community members, and have evolved over time into rich, complex discussions about many aspects of living with a mental health condition.

They were originally started in one of our other topic sections, and have migrated here once reaching the milestone of 100 posts in order to allow members to keep following the life story being shared as it happens day to day.

This is not a place to start new threads - discussions here have reached a sufficient level of popularity and depth that they have been moved here by moderators.

Long-term support here on the forums is defined in terms of receiving that support here in this space, which is why we have chosen the 100-post milestone to select threads that will appear here.

Our research tells us that 55% of our members have been living with a mental health condition for ten years or more, so long-term support in the real world will not be a strange concept to many of you.

If you're seeking long-term support on your journey, we'd encourage you to start a new thread in the section that best suits where you are at this point. Making a commitment to daily posting and supporting others will eventually see your thread join the wonderful stories here in this section.

A few important points to note:

1. The "new thread" button has been disabled for this section - if you click on it, you will be redirected to the beyondblue home page. 

2. Please be aware that threads in this section may contain discussion of suicide, self-harm, sexual abuse, domestic abuse and other trauma-related topics.

3. Threads in this section may be archived periodically (locked or unpublished) at the discretion of moderators.



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Community Member

Hi Chris,

I am new here.

Does people here suffer at work because of there depression/anxiety/mental health

This has being a long term problem for me and curious to see if someone going through same thing and what they do to cope

Welcome searching to the forum.

Thanks for making your first post.

There are many articles and threads that may interest you with people at work suffering from depression and anxiety.

As this thread does not get used much, you can if you want start your own thread where it would be seen by more people.

How do I start a new thread?

At the top of each section is a blue "new thread" button. Clicking on this will open a dialog box for you to start a new thread. You need to be registered as a member and logged in to see this button and post.

You can start new threads in any section, except for the Long Term Support Over The Journey section, where the new thread button has been disabled.

Thanks for sharing you story and again welcome.