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checking in for the day

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where d i now right im so confused i have hit real low and not sure about anything i cant ring the people i normal call out to i dont trust anyone i just want to hide away i have express ed in the wrong way and have been looked out ...im hate everyone every one hurts me im pussed away by every person i know im going to try to sleep can someone just say some nice words to me
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We are here for you to talk to, we are here to listen.

It's okay to be unsure, but we are here to talk to if you want to tell us about what it is you're feeling or thinking.

If you want someone to talk to over the phone, please don't hesitate to call our chat line (1300 224 636) or Lifeline (13 11 14).


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Hi awrinkle in time. This is my first time of posting and I came on here as I'm feeling pretty lonely and a little desperate. I'm sorry you are hurting too but you are not alone and I am here for you. I hope you got to talk to someone and that it was helpful. I have been dealing with anxiety and depression for some years and I have that feeling that I just want to run away (not possible 2 small kids and a husband) but I'm also thinking about leaving my job as life is feeling too busy and too much. Even though you don't feel like it now know you are loved 🙂

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Community Champion

Hello awrinkle in time..

Welcome to the forums...

Im really sorry sweetheart that struggling so much..

Please don't hide away, I would really like to get to know you, you sound so hurt and deflated..Please know that your not alone...I was where you are now, I wanted to hide and run away..I did, hide away but that wasnt ideal..then I came here as found that the wonderful people here really care a lot, please keep in touch if you want to and hopefully we can help you get through this rough spot your going through...

Kind thoughts and if you like them some very caring special hugs..🤗🤗🤗.


thank you ...im watching movies and it is passing ...i havnt been this low in a long time ..feel so disconnected..

i feel like i have done the wrong thing by so many .. i have to be even nicer to people to survive ...

i see a shrink lady and she is good it helps me i might need to medicate .....not sure ....

i hear you concern in your words and that helps me so much thank you ....i hope you are okay also ...

i cant eat either im hungry but dont want to ....this is crazy ....im going back to watch jack irish a series im enjoying ...thank you again its nice to know your there ...im glad you posted ...hope your day goes well

thank you you made me cry ... thank you for being there . im so grateful

i push people away when its this bad i cant even look at people ..its like no more just need a rest ...need time to myself to reset .... i also feel so lonely ... cant think cant write ... thanks for being there

Hello awrinkle in time..

Im sorry, I really hope that you are ok.. I didn't mean to make you cry....Did you manage to get some sleep last night awrinkle in time...it's hard sometimes isn't it..but we really need it..

Awe really awrinkle in time, can you try to eat something, even if you cut up an apple 🍎 and take it with you in pieces then maybe while your watching your tv show, you might be able to eat a few pieces....I've never heard of jack Irish..you said you enjoy watching it, that's great for distracting your thoughts...Well done there....

What kind of genre do you like..I like anything that about fantasy, dragons, fairies, Magic...

I certainally won't push you away, I'm reaching out to you to try to help you, and be here for you if you need to talk at all. I have major problems speaking face to face and I can't get myself out my front door most days, but here on these forums I can talk to people like you and be the person I really am..

I hope the rest of your day is better then earlier...

Kind thoughtscand caring hugs ...🤗🤗.


Hi ...feeling a little better had something eat ....and a shower ... Jack Irish is an Australian drama on the ABC you could see it on Iview ...it has Guy Piece in it ...its funny in places ...Aussie humour ...i like the dramas or action genres ...i like magic ones as well ... They are a good escape ...You have such a skill in writing and you do good for people every day ... a million thanks beautiful lady ...

I did sleep okay ...but have been loosing sleep over the last few months have had a shoulder thats giving pain and it wakes me up .....its getting better its just taking time ...i do need my sleep ...we all do ...

Am taking it easy and will get a nap in this afternoon ... Thank you for being hear and i hope your day goes well also ... The hugs were lovey ..

Hello awrinkle in time,

Thank you for your kind words yesterday, I'm really pleased to hear that you were feeling better yesterday, I hope your even better today...

Awwe, I'm so really sorry sweetheart about your shoulder have you been to your gp about it? Maybe they can help with the pain...

I don't watch much tv, as I'm easily triggered, so I try to read up or know what the films are about first. But I think it's tonight, a Jackie Chan Movie, I like him, he is funny, and the movies tonight is funny, The Spy Next Door..or it could be tomorrow night, I'm not sure. I'll find out soon enough I suppose..

I really came in here to check in on you and ask you R U OK? .....and to drop of a beautiful relaxing scented Lavender and mint💐 Candle 🕯...for your coffe table , there relaxing when you light them..

I'm hoping your days continue to get better daily for you..Wrinkle...(I hope it's okay to shorten your name ).

love and hugs 🤗.