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Not in a good space

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Valued Contributor
It's like a feeling just bubbling up to the surface. It's panicky and disgusting and I dont' know what to do with it. There's no thoughts associated with it. It's a feeling. A really gross one. I called the Suicide Call Back service. I didn't find them helpful. What do you do? What helps you?
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That's a lovely story Paws. It is nice to take our minds away.

That's what i was going to mention Katy; these times are tough and what i have found can help is to avoid the news doom and gloom - and instead watch movies or whatever u like reading etc. I think u do all this anyway; but even more important to keep peace in your life as best u can at the moment. Sorry for the loss of your cat. I lost a pet last year and the grief is huge. So the movies etc help for this too. Take care 🙂

Hi Katy

How are you going? A slump is understandable with everything happening and just losing a kitty...

I did my first click and collect today for an electric throw rug to use here when I'm watching movies on the couch, this being such a cold place in winter. Then I read the terrible reviews about click and collect at Harvey Norman (where I ordered it) & figured I'd never see the rug or my money again - but home after a long day in another town today and they've emailed me it's ready for pick-up. Hooray, their store in this town has good reviews. I'm lucky.

Sam is so scared of his groomer I now have to carry him into the salon and today he lost control of his bowels as well, poor little guy, but I'm really wondering if she's doing something to hurt him... Oh dear.

We'll I hope you managed to get outside and feel a tiny bit better. Big hug. 🤗🐕💝

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Valued Contributor

I think you’re right, Sleepy, that the whole covid weird is a layer of yuk on top of the poor MH layer of yuk.. add in poor cat cat layer of yuk, and well… here we are. Today started out ok and then just dissolved into tears and staring at the wall doing nothing. It’s now past 3pm.

I really loved your tale, Paws. My ex used to tell me lovely stories when i was sad - in his Jekyll mode at least. I do, however, remain unconvinced that Woofa might galumph with grace (the rest was absolutely believable!). Sorry Woofa *kiss*

What have I learnt today? That even being sad/mad and thinking (s) might be a good solution, does not give you the ability to pick up a cactus with bare hands. Hmmmph

Thanks all for popping in with love, advice, stories, and general lovely humanness. Hanna, that blanket sounds great. Reminds me of Sleepy’s latest poem, which is really quite wonderful. Golden, I hope you’re managing all the weird ok.

Sorry you've had a yuk day Katy. I hope tomorrow is better. Sometimes all you can do is get through the day and survive.

Yep going to bundle up me and Sam in a heated throw and veg out on good movies on winter evenings! U3a classes and everything else like book groups etc still cancelled. This is the third year running !!!!

I did actually get to shop in the mall the other day, that's been almost impossible for two years now. Things are easing a bit... Two years ago when it started and everything shut down it was freaky and bizarre and then we got used to it.. And it got soooo boring. Everyone has face acne from wearing masks!

Are you well away from the fires over there? It looks terrible on the ABC news tonight. What an awful summer.

There are lovely place names in the countryside here: Mary's Lane (a little dirt track going up a lovely hill) (I can just picture a lady in Victorian clothing and a parasol strolling along it a century ago) Pretty Plains (speaks for itself, and they are pretty, between rolling green hills) , Winterwood. I must detour around these lovely places one day soon instead of driving past. I think I will spend a sunny Autumn day meandering...The hills are astonishingly beautiful as I drive up the Alps here. Seems wierd it was the sea and now it's rolling mountains. It's really amazing to be alive sometimes. Don't lose sight of that fact...

Big hugs 🤗🌳🏞🌄

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi all, lovely support from lovely ppl

I hope u get some self care time and feel better 💓

I was so scared when covid amped up here, I know it's very heightened overall these days, hope u are OK x

Hello Katy, wave to everyone,

Now then Miss Katy.... repeat after me

A Cactus = Big Ouchies!!!... A Cactus = Big Ouchies!!!... A Cactus = Big Ouchies!!!

I hope it wasn't one that has those super fine needle hairs that are so hard to pull out.... not that I'm admitting to having actual experience of such a thing... if Woofa suggested I did (whilst he was visiting) then he must have been mistaking me with someone else.

It's ok to be teary & sad... kitty was part of your life... it is perfectly natural to grieve his loss... your grief will take as long as it takes... grieving him may also bring the grief of previous losses to the surface... I hope it doesn't... but that can be part of the process of grief... be gentle with yourself lass.




Yeah it’s confusing - we’re “returning to normal” but we’re also not. Case numbers haven’t exploded over here, but the rules keep changing daily and it’s hard to keep up.

It sounds like you’re getting out and about a bit Hanna, and you’re obviously feeling comfortable doing so, so it’s a shame that a lot of things are still cancelled. And yes, it’s fabulous we can still enjoy nature, there’s always that. I wish I had a reliable car and could afford petrol though. It’s been so long since I’ve driven south to the gorgeous beaches down there. I do like the sound of Winterwood - perhaps you need to save that one for a cool weather adventure.

Well I got a nice card in the post from the vet today, so that was thoughtful. Because kitty was so weak and I couldn’t get in the shed to get his carrier out, I took him to the vet in my washing basket. My girl cat has decided it’s where she likes to sleep now, which is quite sweet, but I’ll need to go buy a new basket for the washing!


Looks like we cross-posted, Paws. Yes, the big ouchie cactus had fine needles that looked ok to handle. It was not ok.

I’m worried about my other cat. She’s also very old. She had a fit again this morning, so I suspect that her condition is no longer being sufficiently managed with her special diet. She is 17/18, and my boy was 18/19, so they’ve done well. I’ve booked the vet next week, knowing the likely outcome.

Stormy’s legs are also bung, so I feel it’s all a bit tiring - mentally.

I think I’ll sit outside with a book if I can concentrate. At least the weather is amazing - a delicious sunny 29.


Hi Katy,

I have been out today and am only just here briefly now and saw your posts. I'm sorry you've having to go through all this with your pets, it's just the hardest thing. The vet practice here sends a card to people who have lost their furs, I think it's a nice gesture. Maybe the hot weather you've had has made things harder for the pets - I know Sam and I both suffer from the heat badly - today is baking and it's going to be like this for at least a week - I have to keep Sam fairly quiet. You've had terrible temperatures over there from what I've seen on the news...

I'm just back from music via the Op shop where I got a couple of books for a couple of dollars... now have to take Sam out for a paddle in the river. Was out for ages last night with a lovely nurse I met a while back, she has two kids but is on her own otherwise, so we get chatting a lot and are going to catch up at a cafe when general busyness with her children allows.

I think distraction with a good book is a wise idea. And yes, I think I'll check out lovely places like Winterwood when the autumn is here and all the trees are green and gold, it's so beautiful then, the colours are so vibrant!

I'm glad you are at least having a break from all the study. I hope you and Stormy get to the beach and enjoy yourselves.

I got a decent carry-all at the Op shop for ten dollars, retail I know the brand it would have been around fifty dollars, and it looks unused, hooray. I hate paying lots of money for things like handbags as I have no interest in them, they're just something I need to carry stuff in!

Music is still mask wearing, in the hot weather it gets tiresome but we're stuck with it. Nice to see the kids back in school uniform, we didn't see this for a couple of years here. Mostly they seem happy to be back mixing with their friends.

Cheers and hang in there, pats to the furs oxoxoxo

Hello Katy,

Oh Katy lass... I'm sorry to hear girl kitty is so unwell... plus the worry about Miss Stormy...

Sending you gentle hugs... here if you need someone to listen