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Not coping after disclosure

Community Member

Please help me. Im really struggling.

last night i disclosed something that ive kept with me for 2 years now. Im already struggling with ptsd anxiety and depression but the event that i disclosed also comes under ptsd.

I rang a hotline and the first time in 2 years ive spoken about it and im so embarrassed and ashamed. I hate myself and blame myelf for it. And im terriffied! !

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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi startingnew,

Thank you for your post:) I understand how you feel and I think when you do suffer from anxiety/ trauma it makes things seem and feel a whole lot worse. I am not sure what you mean't by hotline? or if it was anonymous or what it is that makes you feel bad but all I can say is "what is the worst that happened?" you are still here and I am sure not that much damage was done in actual terms and if you just observe what made you ring this line then you might learn and understand some of your behaviours:) Try to have a bit of a laugh at yourself as well and know that we all do and say things we wish we didn't. Just get out there make some new memories and know that it is a new day! I really hear you though but that's what I do. You can always call us on 1300 22 46 36 or chat to us we would love to hear from you ! Best Wishes Nikkir x

unfortunately i cant really laugh about it 😞

i was sexually abused 😞

a hotline like kids helpline type of thing

Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hi Startingnew and Welcome

Nikker is spot on for mentioning the Beyond Blue 24/7 Support Line 1300 22 4636

Just a friendly reminder that the forums are rock solid secure to ensure your privacy if you have anything else to add that we can help you with

You might feel overwhelmed right now and thats understandable as you have called a help number and had a good vent.

you are not alone here

my kind thoughts


thank you @blondguy

any ideas how to feel less embarrassed and ashamed would be great 😞

No worries at all startingnew 🙂

Embarrassment and Shame are like guilt.....They are man made feelings that are short term (unless we continue to focus on them continually)

Anxiety/Depression are serious clinical issues....you dont have them from what you have written

Embarrassment & Shame can be handled well by having a really good 'vent' to a close friend or even your GP......Its like blowing off steam.....we all need to. Having a small support network of one or two people can provide us with a way out by just talking about our feelings

If you dont have one or two people that you can vent to....see your GP as they are bound by the strict privacy rules & regulations to ensure your privacy like we do here.

Its difficult to help as I dont know the issue but I hope some of this has helped

Unless you wish to give us even a rough idea of whats happening 🙂

my best


i aslo suffer from severe GAD, severe PTSD and severe Depression.

i suffer from these 24/7 and struggle very much with SH as well.

one of the ptsd events i am handling but the other is the one i just disclosed which is the sexual abuse

Hey startingnew,

Im sorry this has happened to you. It wasn't your fault and you can start putting the blame where it belongs, on the person who did this, they are the one that should be feeling embarrassed.

You made a courageous first step by telling someone, how brave of you and you should be proud of yourself, you took the first step.

It takes time to get through these injustices and it would be good if u can find someone you trust like a good councillor, friend, family member to open up to so they can support you.

You can find your strength again after trauma.

I hope you are OK 🙂

my family and friend dont support me 😞

im not really ok but i guess i have to be

Hey you,

Thanks for getting back to me. It's understandable you're not feeling OK but you shouldn't have to do this alone. I would suggest speaking to a councillor then and expressing yourself in a journal/diary. You can always share this with your councillor. Sometimes it takes time to find a good one or you could get lucky and find a good one straight away.

Also, feel free to keep expressing yourself here if you feel comfortable.

You could be helping others with how you are feeling and by what you have been through and are going through.

Just to let you know there are many others opening up about the same things. You can find solace in other's story's. Feel free to have a read around the forums.

Best wishes x