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I can't find the right place for me to post

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I don't know any more where to put a new thread if I make one, or which ones to join in. I always used Anxiety because that is my major condition but that has been relatively under control lately - I feel Depressed today - but I don't qualify for the topics there either. I'm depressed mainly because there doesn't seem a place for me. I love some of the threads and personal thoughts for example in Staying Well, but I can't join in there, because I don't have any tips for Staying Well.

I tend to have almost paranoid thoughts through over-thinking "problems" that I would like to talk over but don't know where to talk them over before they reach the paranoid stage...I want to avoid that. I join in the Social threads saying light hearted jokey things because thats the only place I seem to belong.

I dwell on any problems my adult sons have in various aspects of their life and want to "fix things for them" - our relationship is very loving and close though - they are wonderful to me - so there is no real "problem" with my relationship with them....so I don't seem to belong in the "relationships, family" section either do I?

I worry about them all the time - when I tried to express this on forum I think it was misconstrued that I had "empty nest syndrome" - trying to adapt to my sons' leaving home....No, that's not it...they've been gone for years and years...I am a grandmother.

I liked the Getting to Know You, or is it Me? thread very much - but have been given suggestions how to start my own thread and what section to use etc and get the feeling I'm being steered away from there too.

So I am still confused. I don't feel particularly anxious today, so this shouldn't even be in Anxiety! Do you see my dilemma?

In fact the more I write the more I feel like crying - I don't know where to go next.

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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

You can do this Moon & we will be here to support you if you need.

Luv ya 


Hi Moonstruck,  Thank you for checking in.


I'm with Paws - there is no such thing as too many activities when we're trapped in the quagmire of our own heads, say 'yes' to everything and work out what we actually enjoy later. And a paid gig is always good!


I wish you much luck and strength - but, you got this!  One activity you enjoy, the other is for pay.  You can do this.

Happy Sheep.....thank you.   You know, I am finding you just might be right......I think the one I enjoy, even though it entails a lot of dedication and practice.....just might be what the Dr ordered.  (in fact my counsellor literally did urge me to accept it!).......

Good for you.


I'm learning (although I don't always follow my own advice!!) that it's the turning up that is the hardest part. Once I get to my enjoyment activity, I have a great time. Beforehand, my brain always tells me 'I'm too tired, I can skip just one more time'...

Happy Sheep....I have no choice now. I have committed my time and expertise and so many are depending on me as well as working hard too.  I am so tired though and fear my age is telling me perhaps "it's time".   But I have to get through this commitment first.  I have noticed that when you have a history of a lot of experience and a reputation for always doing a fine job....you have more expectations to live up to....in a way it's easier to be a "newcomer" with not much experience...the higher you are, the further to fall....if you know what I mean?  I am doing my best....but oh please let it be enough!........Moon S.


I can understand how there are expectations when you are experienced but you will have the satisfaction of a job well done. 

Yes, yes. It it certainly true that, the better you are at something, the more work you will be given and the greater the expectation of success.  However, Moonstruck, there will also be greater understanding if you can't quite match the level of success that you think you should - because everyone will be aware that you have earned your reputation for a reason. 


Please be gentle with yourself and ensure that YOU are not the one putting a unattainably high level of expectation on yourself. You do not have to be perfect every time you attempt something. Your best is definitely good enough.


Take care. HS.

Happy Sheep....you know I think you may be right.  perhaps it is "Me" who is putting the impossibly high expectations of perfection upon myself!  Others have told me I am doing a great job, so why don't I believe them? we can sometimes be our worst enemies....but....this I know.   If I do a brilliant job and come out on top, the ecstasy and joy is something that will be amazing!!   love Moon S

. Dear Friends......Big week for me this week....wish me luck I don't make a fool of myself.  Big challenge...will need all my energy and confidence not to let my team mates down - a lot of people will be watching.   Can I do even better than my best I wonder?   Moon S

You got this my friend 🧡