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I can't find the right place for me to post

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I don't know any more where to put a new thread if I make one, or which ones to join in. I always used Anxiety because that is my major condition but that has been relatively under control lately - I feel Depressed today - but I don't qualify for the topics there either. I'm depressed mainly because there doesn't seem a place for me. I love some of the threads and personal thoughts for example in Staying Well, but I can't join in there, because I don't have any tips for Staying Well.

I tend to have almost paranoid thoughts through over-thinking "problems" that I would like to talk over but don't know where to talk them over before they reach the paranoid stage...I want to avoid that. I join in the Social threads saying light hearted jokey things because thats the only place I seem to belong.

I dwell on any problems my adult sons have in various aspects of their life and want to "fix things for them" - our relationship is very loving and close though - they are wonderful to me - so there is no real "problem" with my relationship with them....so I don't seem to belong in the "relationships, family" section either do I?

I worry about them all the time - when I tried to express this on forum I think it was misconstrued that I had "empty nest syndrome" - trying to adapt to my sons' leaving home....No, that's not it...they've been gone for years and years...I am a grandmother.

I liked the Getting to Know You, or is it Me? thread very much - but have been given suggestions how to start my own thread and what section to use etc and get the feeling I'm being steered away from there too.

So I am still confused. I don't feel particularly anxious today, so this shouldn't even be in Anxiety! Do you see my dilemma?

In fact the more I write the more I feel like crying - I don't know where to go next.

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You don't need luck lass.  I'm sure you will be brilliant




Hi Moonstruck, You don't have to do better than your best.  Your best will be enough.  You got this!

Hey Happy Sheep....challenge has begun....Yes you were right....I got this and its going brilliantly so far.xx Moon S

Woohoo, Moonstruck, you ROCK!

Happy Sheep....so far I am having a great time.  To know my efforts are appreciated and obviously giving others pleasure is a wonderful feeling....my sons were very supportive too sending beautiful flowers etc.  I felt and still am feeling....so very blessed and filled with gratitude....Now, any ideas how we can conjure up these feelings again?  why do we always inevitable sink back low again....why is that?


I would like to have the answer that question. At times I am confident and brave but at other times I find many things worry. 

Dear Moon,

It warms my heart to hear you feeling so happy.


Cmf x

Dear Moon (with a wave to Happy Sheep)~


After a taxing enjoyable activity comes to an end (temporary I expect) there is often for a lot of people a feelng of let down and missing the purpose and rewards.


One way you might consider to re-live some of those moments is to keep a diary in which you  become pretty detailed as to your activities and feelings while the good times are still rolling.


Completely private, but re-reading may help you capture some of those feelings, even if only faintly, and spur you on to seek more such adventures.


Remember: "I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read"




And mine is just that....sensational!   

📖 And I hope you get hours of enjoyment out of it:)