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Champion Alumni

Season's Greetings everyone.

We have a lovely cheery Christmas and New Years thread started up in the Social Zone. Hope you can drop by there and share some joy and happiness.

This is the alternate thread, where you can share the not so pleasant memories of Christmas or the concerns you may have for Christmas 2016.

For me, my depressive brain decides to hassle me about Christmas in November! That is so unnecessary! I need to break this habit!

So on this thread you can share the negative and hopefully find a positive at the end.

You might like to share what the worst present was that you ever received, or how sad and miserable you are at Christmas.

By sharing, we may well be able to help and support each other through a time that can be very tough for some.

This is the place to vent, the thread on the Social Zone is also waiting for you to add your happy thoughts and memories of Christmas and New Years.

Thinking of you all, hugs from Mrs. Dools


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Thanks Dools, you are dead right. I need to mix things up a bit (no, a lot). For too long I've wallowed in the background thinking I'm not worth much, instead of getting out there. I'm ringing a friend today who lives an hour or so away so I'll suggest I visit her one day next week. It's a matter of breaking these bad habits I've developed for so long, thinking so little of myself. Thanks again.

Elizabeth CP
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Blue Voices Member

It is easy to get in a habit of not doing much.there is always plenty of excuses to be made. I am guilty of this. It is hard to think of ideas when in the habit of doing little. When my kids were young we went out every Saturday (we all took turns choosing where) We were on one low wage so money was tight so often the activities were free eg walks. Going to a park & having a picnic or barbeque visiting friends or relatives, museums etc. Long weekends & holidays we often went camping often in the bush as we all liked bushwalking. My kids now do the same with their own families. Over the last decade things got in the way including illness, injuries & increased demands of my carer role so my life often feels like I only do necessary things around the house & caring for my husband.

I am trying to change that. It is hard because many of the things we enjoyed before are much more difficult or impossible due to current circumstances. I have started making a list of possible activities eg interesting walks on my computer. My aim is to choose things from my list to do whenever the situation allows. By having a list it allows some flexibility as somethings are weather dependent & we may have different amounts of times depending on what else is scheduled. My psychologist encouraged me to try things rather than worrying about if the activity was suitable. This way I could learn what works for us in our current situation. My husband is blind & has a degenerative condition so his ability to do things fluctuates with his condition & I need to do things differently compared to when he was sighted & well.

Your idea of arranging to see your friend is a good idea. Good luck with finding things to do which you enjoy & are cheap or free.

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Champion Alumni

Hi Mauzy,

There have certainly been more times than I would like to remember where I have thought I am rather worthless, so I understand that feeling!

It is wonderful you are going to catch up with a friend. I did that yesterday. My friend lives about 100 kilometres away. We had a great catch up and lunch at her place. On the way home I called into Spotlight for a look. I didn't have any money to spend there, but enjoyed havi8ng a look at all the items they have for sale.

Called into Aldi's as well. They are relatively new here in S.A. When I call in with my husband we are in and out in a few minutes. It was lovely and cool with the air conditioning so I spent some time looking up and down the aisles then had a nice chat to the person at the check out.

Hope you have a great time visiting your friend!

Cheers for now from Mrs. Dools

Hi Elizabeth,

I wish you and your husband well in all the adventures you will be able to do in the future.

Due to my back injury, I find there are many things I can no longer do, so I need to come up with alternatives.

Previously I enjoyed playing indoor carpet bowls in out small town. Now I act as supper lady and cheer squad! My husband still plays so I go along for the social side of it.

Last year our team won the competition. I was thrilled to receive a medal as well as part of the team! It made my day!

I'd love to take another overseas holiday, so am reading other people's travel stories and hope to soon write up my travel diaries from the holidays we have been on. That way I will get to re-visit the places we have been to! In my mind at least and through our photos.

Cheers, from Mrs. Dools

Hey there Mrs Dools

Not doing so well right now..anxiety has really kicked back in and making me feel skittish..Saw my psychologist yesterday and had a big session. Off to meet a new psychiatrist Thursday next week after I see my GP on Monday too. My life seems to be one big appt.

Today's anniversary has hit hard...woke up quite distressed so walked the dogs as the sun came up. Will be touching base with a friend later today hopefully..

Shred out