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Do you second guess all your choices and decisions.9

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I find I second guess all my decisions as I seem to have lost my confidence. 
if you can make decisions easily how do you do it.


In my past I have made many poor decisions so I now second guess each one. 


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Valued Contributor

Hi Quirky,

Wish I knew too!

I've had one such just recently, about a support co-ordinator. Their email was so poorly written, I felt no confidence in them. After I met him, I feel better.

I've made some horrible decisions in my life. Fortunately, not dire.

I managed to get myself out of those situations, somehow. That's reassuring, now, to know I have been able to make the decisions that got me out & into a safer place.

The really good decisions I've made have not been quick. I am aware there is a process going on, sometimes it seems in the background of my mind, sometimes I am consciously reasoning my way to a decision. I might list 'pros' & 'cons'.

Also, now, I am thinking more about what is in my best interest. I have got to be clear on that, because I've neglected my needs for so long.

If I had kids in my care, I'd still have to think of me, because if I don't care for myself, how can I care for them?

I think there are times when what's in the best interest of a child must come first. I may suffer as a result of making a decision which is best for a child. I accept that, without reservation.

Because I don't have kids, I can't say at what age a child is no longer a child in my eyes, & when they are to understand they are responsible for their own decisions.

I still have to learn what I'm responsible for, as opposed to what another adult is responsible for. My decisions don't have to accomodate their needs - just mine.

We can only make decision based on the information we have. If you can ask lots of questions & gather more info you can make better decisions.

Since I can't become an expert in everything, I hope I can find someone who is, & ask them my questions. This is mostly about what things I want to buy, like deciding which Elliptical Cross Trainer to get, or a new computer system & accessories to go with it. This could easily apply to other purchases, of services, for example. 

Now, decisions about interpersonal relationships - I'm not on firm ground here at all. I only know I've worked out what some of the "absolutely no you don't" boundaries, & then no real decision needs be made, because I know then, I'm out of there asap! & no going back, either.

I'm thinking, if I have to 'tolerate' something, because 'they are so good most of the time', is that really in my best interest?

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Community Champion

Hello Dear Quirky, mmMeKitty, readers/posters…


I also second guess just about every decision I make…it’s hard isn’t it…and very stressful trying to make the better decision…




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Community Champion

Isn’t it hard to make decisions when you second guess every discussion. 
Can you make a decision when you feel confident.