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Just lost in life. After waight loss surgery.

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Don't know who Iam or why do do the game any more.

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Community Champion

Hi BB77,


I am sorry you are feeling this way. Do you know why you are feeling lost after your weight loss surgery? Are you struggling with your sense of self? Are you struggling postoperatively? Or is life overwhelming you?


It's okay to feel lost sometimes, but don't be afraid to ask for help to find your way again 🙂


Jaz xx

Community Champion
Community Champion

Dear BB77~

I'd like to join Jaz 28 in welcoming you here to the Forum. Weight Loss surgery is not as straightforward as people tend ot think. Although the surgery itself may go fine it often leaves people at a loss, something rather unexpected. I have a relation who did this and became quite depressed a while after.


I don't know about you but for many one of the first things, once the initial reaction to the surgery is over, is maybe to feel bad about not succeeding in dieting, and had to resort to surgery instead. Actually trying to diet is something an awful lot of people find impossible. On that basis surgery can be a sensible option.


Years ago I dieted and lost around 1/3 of my body-weight. Later on I was right back where I started (and still am).


It does mean when excess weight disappears one almost has a new identity, if overweight before now people take more notice, and that requires adjustment from the old you . It may also mean that if one ate to try to get though difficult times that option is no longer there , and another coping mechanism is needed.


Of course it may mean you favorite foods are off the menu.


On a more serious note it can lead to difficulties in relationships as you may well have changed a lot.


Trying to face these things - and more - by yourself and discover the new you can be very hard all by yourself. Do you  think it might be worth visiting a councilor or psychologist that specialists in the psychological effects of weight loss surgery?



Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hello BB77

I had contemplated similar surgery, or taking a certain med, to help with weight loss. I was daunted by how much I would have to change how I ate, what I ate, & thinking of how I could get all the nutrition my body needs. Then, seeing that if I could not keep to a strictly regulated dietary routine, I could gain the weight all back again. It scared me off.

The med was so expensive, & possible side effect, too, put me off.

Therefore, I'm trying the hard & slow way, which still means a dramatic change to my dietary habits & includes exercise for the rest of my life. 

Doing this, & I will deal with my view of my body as I go along, dealing with how it feels to be seen doing exercise while my body does not appear fit & healthy, is one of the things I deal with. Dealing with people who offer me the kinds of food I am wanting to eat very seldomly, if at all.

For you, I think ongoing support from a therapist, such as Croix has suggested, would help a lot. I would think that is very important given the surgery, & how much this will change your life. 

I think delving into why the surgery, what were your expectations, how well you were prepared for life after surgery, are important. That's why I think talking with a qualified therapist could help you best.

Meanwhile, you can talk here, or call BB's own counselling service, on: 1300 224 636, anytime.