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First Time User, Needing Help

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I have taken the step last night to reach out to beyond blue and get the help I really need. It took a long time for me to get to this stage and needing to admit I need the help. 
I have so many pressing issues which has caused the pain I am in today and not really sure the right place to go to. 

Would love to talk to anyone I can about stuff. 


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Summer Rose
Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hello B3LL3

Welcome to the bb forum. Congratulations for having the courage to reach out for support.

Please know that you have arrived at a place of non-judgemental support. Everyone here gets mental health from their own unique experiences.

As for me, I care for my child who experiences OCD and anxiety, but you will meet all kinds of people here. Good people, happy to share and help.

Please feel free to share more when you are ready and comfortable.

Kind thoughts to you

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hello B3LL3 & welcome.


There are many caring & kind people here, young to older people from a diverse range of backgrounds. I believe every one of us comes here with an open heart & mind, most often reaching out as you are, & willing to listen & chat with others they meet here.


What's on your mind? 



Hey mmMekitty, 


Thankyou so much for your response and taking your time to read my post. 

i have so much on my mind and i honestly don’t know where to start 😢 

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Amazing. It’s my first time really going through the forums myself on beyond blue. My brain is my own worst enemy and it’s relentless. I am needing help but struggling to verbalise this. 
what I am trying to say is that I am in the same boat as you.

I hope you get the help that you need



Thankyou for replying to my post and opening with such kind words. 
I’m happy I took this chance to write on here and finding a safe space to talk as so many people are judgemental in this world. I’m so sorry to hear your beautiful child is suffering from Anxiety and OCD and so young. 
I am just finding it hard to really know where to start. It’s a very long story

Aww hunny I know the brain and the feelings we have on ourselves are the worst enemies. I am happy to listen at anytime cause we both have taken a big leap in the right direction to being happy. 

Hi B3LL3.

Yes, you've taken your first step, as has cate26.

I understand how our brains can seem to be in turmoil. Before I came to BB, my own thoughts were flying everywhere, reaching back in time, scrambling every memory & I had been feeling lost at sea. My Psychiatrist was about to take a well-earned break & I felt in a panic & as if I was being abandoned. My decision to come to BB was that I didn't want to entertain those thoughts & feelings. I wanted the support & contact with others - any others who would talk to me; I wasn't fussy. I"ve been here for a year & a half now.

I would like to ask you, B3LL3 & Cate26, what was on your mind when you made the decision to post on BB today? Could that be a place to start?

Or maybe generally, a little something, about you?

For instance, I am an older person, living in a populated area of south-east Qld. I live on my own, have a disability, love cats, am trying to treat myself & my body more kindly than ever before, trying to get more physically fit, too. 

That's really general. You can be a little more specific if you like, just remember to say no rreal names or localise exactly where you live, to keep things all anonymous.

&, welcome Cate26. If you'd like to start your own discussion about your wirling thoughts, or anything, you are welcome to do that.



Hi B3LL3

You take all the time you need to think about what you want to say, how you want to say it and when you want to say it. That’s the beauty of this place, there is no pressure.

Same goes for you Cate26.

I hope it helps you both to know that you are not alone.

Kind thoughts to you

I’m such an empathetic person and I am sorry you had to go through those same feelings cause it’s just so horrible u don’t wish it upon anyone. Have you found this safe place make a difference in your life? I want to get back to my happy go lucky self. Back to being ME! 
im happy to talk to anyone and have anyone talk to me about anything. If I can find anyone who understands it does make it a little easier to open up. 
my decision to post was out of a bad thoughts unfortunately. I feel worthless and believe all those people who say I’m not a good person. I don’t have any self belief in myself anymore. 
I’m a 34 year old woman who has a wonderful partner, a gorgeous fur baby, a beautiful big family (who unfortunately has suffered alot over quite a space of time). I don’t feel I can talk to them a lot of the time cause I feel I don’t get heard like I want to be. I feel people just ask to be kind. I also don’t like being burdens on people (I am very bad and stubborn).