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Chronic suicidality

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Hi everyone,

I have had chronically suicidal for over two years. It has led to a few attempts and hospitalisations. I'm currently receiving treatment/therapy but it's a long process. Its kind of getting tough because unfortunately you can't just pause life. I'm under a lot of stress from school (zillions of grade 12 assessments), my anxiety has skyrocketed and I'm trying to continue functioning as a normal human being despite being very depressed. Does anyone have any tips on how to keep going in those times between treatment and living a relatively normal life or just with dealing with chronic suicidality in general?

Thanks heaps

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Community Champion

Dear Hannah~

I rather suspect you are able to feel pride at being on your own, ans pride can be a very good thing, it's kept me going at times. I hpe it does hte same for you.

Looking at the date I guess you my have your results by now, my flipper are Xed you did OK. Then comes the hard part, to decide on what next.

Yes, that's one of the many downsides of on-line learning, you miss out on university life. Although being with large groups can be intimidating at first they do sort out quickly into bunches of known faces. Did you have any particular clubs you might like?

As for my course, it was about the different things in life that can cause a person distress. Not a happy subject I'd agree. but I hope it gives me a little more understanding of others.

I think you help others more than just 'the slightest'. Anyone reading your thread will have been given heart.