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So lost and lonely

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 Even though it has only been a week since my defacto and I split and I have not seen my children in that time it doesn't make it any easier, I am used to seeing my children every day and never being with out them I would look forward to coming home walking in the door and having my children call dad with excitement that I was home now I come home to a empty home that is quiet and lifeless there is sound of children playing or arguing (I miss the fights too) my ex won't let me see them or talk to them and I won't lie I have had thoughts of ending it all. but I know if I did that only hurt them more than what they are feeling now.

 I just feel so empty and lost

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Valued Contributor
Rod this is dreadful news, I am so sorry. It is perfectly understandable you feel the way you do. Please call the helpline number if you are feeling so bad you want to end it all, that is not good at all and as you say that would be devastating to your children. What I don't understand is that surely you have a right to see your children, how is your partner able to block access? Are you able to seek some legal advice on this?