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Lost my husband

Community Member

Nearly 11 months ago I lost my husband of 25 years. I have gone from 72kgs to 54kgs and am lost

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Community Champion
Community Champion


I am sorry for the loss of your husband. 25 years is a long time and now you feel lost as your life has changed.

would you feel willing to talk to someone or maybe find a self help group for people suffering loss.  grief.org.au
It is hard to experience grief but sometimes talking to others who have are also grieving can help.

Thank you for reaching out . 

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi MonicaB,


I am so sorry for your loss, that grief must have been overwhelming for you. But just know that is normal. It is normal to feel lost after losing someone who has been by your side for 25 years. It is not easy to move on from that. However, time is the greatest healer. Allow yourself to feel what you need to. It might be worth seeing your doctor and getting a mental health care plan so you can learn some strategies to work through this grief. As quirkywords said, reaching out to others who are experiencing grief can also be helpful.


I hope things improve,

Jaz xx