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I've lost the last of my Biological family member

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

The last of my sisters in my world accused me wrongly of lying. So I said goodbye to her. So I have no family. For a year I thought I had someone but the truth is I have had no family since my mother committed suicide when I was five years old. From six years old I understood I didn't only lose my mother by her choice, but as a result was stuck with a man who hated me, sisters who hated me, godparents who turned their back on me - I was on my own. In this last year I thought I got one sister or half sister back, And now realise I didn't. Family is not an option for me. It doesn't exist. I am completely alone and need to draw strength from that.

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Chris D
Community Member

Hi Susan,

Even though you may have lost all of of your biological family members, we here at BB are here for you. You are not alone that is why you are connecting with all of us on these forums and getting your feelings out in the open because you are seeking responses from NICE, CARING, SUPPORTING people like myself and many others.

You know we all draw strength from eachother, regardless of what illnesses or disorders we have. You know why, because we offer advice to help eachother, we inspire eachother.

I'm starting to think maybe i should try and do another positive, inspiring thread to help people. As we all need some positiveness in our lives.

I hope this post helps you in some way.

Kind Regards


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Dear Suz

I’m really blown out by this post … and you know me, normally I can rabbit on for pages and pages … but I am really stumped for what to say or to suggest and for that I’m sorry.  But I’m also so sorry to hear about all of this. 

I’m glad that you were able to come here and post this. You know you’ve got so much support for you here … but at this current time, I’m guessing that is meaning quite little.  You need some really tender individual and ‘real’ support … not that we’re not real, but you know what I mean.

I just wanted to let you know that I’m here for you Susan as I’m sure a lot of the rest of the gang will be too.

Kind regards


Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Suz

I'm sorry to read your post and you're so lost and hurt.

But do you know what - you haven't lost us.  We are all here to support you, talk to you and just be there for you.

Pls take care


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Dear Suzbj,

Nearly a year ago my father died. He was a successful man but had a hard life. He never had to care for anyone in his life and he died the same way. When my brother and I were children, everyone always say how my father loved me more. Yet before he died, when he asked me to do change my life for him and I refused, he decided to leave most of his assets to my brother - 3 times more than he left for me. I was heart broken not by the fact that I got a lot less money, but by the idea that the last thing my father did to me before he died was to try and hurt me. I went into severe depression and saw a counsellor who suggested I talk to my brother. Eventually I got around asking my brother why it never crossed his mind to ask if I would like to share the money. We got into a fight - he called me a greedy person and we kind of hadn't really spoke since. In this entire incident my mother really was helpless and never asked how I felt or how I was. My father was the only one that died but in many ways I feel as though I lost my whole family at one go. It is a very frightening feeling - I know how you feel. Yet I spent a long time mulling over many things - many worse things that could happen. Some people are lucky they are born to good family and parent. Some people aren't. But sometimes in life you meet others who rain kindness on you and they're not even your biological family - and I guess you'd have to start thinking of them as the family you have. Look around you, appreciate those that care, even in a small way. I draw strength from that and I hope you can too. One of the kindest thing a friend said to me, 'You are alone because you are worthy; not everyone has the strength to stand on their own two feet'. Find your purpose. Don't despair. Take care and be kind to yourself.

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member
To Everyone who replied, I’m so sorry it has taken so long to respond. I hear all your messages and value them all to bits. You, my online buddies, mean the world to me. Cheers Suz xxx