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Alone..depressed..sad. Are you still there Ggrand and Moonstruck?

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People who are elderly and depressed and lonely have said that your thoughtful words helped them, but I have not been able to find any recent comments from you. Daily my ageing process and associated mood  brings another worry, a new health problem, a fresh challenge. I have struggled through to today, but I am failing to keep pace. My depression is the worst that I have ever experienced and is now associated with stomach problems of nausea and vomiting. I am not a coward, but  I an struggling to go on. I have read everything on line that I can find. I have followed suggestions as far as I am physically able. I have played online Scrabble and Word Games for hours each day; I walk with my much loved dog but he has developed a back problem common to German shepherds and struggles with pain himself; his discomfort is making him irritable and snappy. I fear for him too. I have just finished a 6-week course run by mental health professionals who tried so hard to help me. My dreams at night are nightmares provoked by fear. What can I do to continue? I have this morning read about boosting vitamin intake with extra Vit D, magnesium and zinc. This I will do. How else can I keep going?  I would love to hear from anyone. I am lonely. Jeddal.

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Hello Dear Jeddah….🤗,


I am so sorry I didn’t see your previous post…and that your feeling so lonely…it’s one of the worse feelings I think that humans can struggle with…something that overwhelms me many times…your not alone sweet Jeddah…we are all here for you…


Having to live in constant pain is so difficult..my heart goes out to you..I’m so sorry Jeddal that you’re dealing with that…I can relate to living with pain and it’s really hard to get through each day…


Well done starting and finishing a course run by mental health professionals…You done really well…


I had nightmares quite regularly but have managed to slow them down, by listening to gentle sleep stories each night when I lay down in bed…you can find them on YouTube, my favourite stories are Get Sleepy, Dan Jones and Steven Dalton…maybe you might like to give them a try and let me know how you go….I mostly fall asleep before the story finishes…


I think you are a very brave person, posting on here takes a lot of courage…Please Dear Jeddal talk here anytime you feel up to it…or on the thread “Middle, mature, elderly aged people”…or call in and chat to us at  our BB Cafe which is a great place to meet other beautiful caring members of the forum for light conversation only, it’s a place to just go to and chill out…. with our imagination being our limit on food and good times…


Here for you, Jeddal, please stay strong, I would really like to get to know you…


Sending you some very gentle, caring hugs sweet Jeddal..🤗🤗.




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Valued Contributor

Hello Jeddal

Lovely to meet you.

I can give you a hint: look under 'Caring for myself and others', then 'Long term support over the journey'.

I'm getting my own age-related health issues, while trying my best to (now), look after my body properly - eating well & getting regular exercise. I'm either going to do it or become more physically unwell or maybe even have another cancer develop, so I got serious about it. It's been good, not only for my sense of well-being but I think it really has a positive effect on my mental health.

I realise, even with osteoarthritis I can still exercise & feel stronger & fitter again.

I'm sure, you've seen online, how exercise is helpful for us even as we age. It' helps with balance, building muscles to help us stay on our feet.

I listen to audiobooks, not so much because of nightmares, but because pain & other discomforts, never-ending recycled thoughts & feelings would arise if I don't distract myself while going to sleep.

Maybe you'd prefer music? 

Maybe writing down all the thoughts & feelings before bed, making the point to yourself, that you are doing that so you don't have to keep thinking of these things.

Talking to someone about your fears & seeing if there are ways to mitigate them, could help too.

If you don't want to be alone, feeling lonely as you do, are there any places you can go to at least have a chance to meet people, to find people to talk to, to maybe even find friends?

It's hard work, I know. & I'm glad you've come here, looking for people to talk to.

I am hoping you are able to get some help for your dog, too. It's wonderful to have a dog in your life.

It's great you completed the online course, however such courses can be too generalised, so, I wonder if talking to someone such as a counsellor or therapist better might help you? Have you spoken to your GP about your worries & moods? They could help you find someone who could talk to you about your specific needs.

I'm going off now to look in on the thread, "Middle, mature, elderly, aged people". I haven't been on that thread nearly enough.

I hope I'll see you around, BB social zone, or Grandy's or anywhere.



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I hope you are okay darling jeddal, there seems to be some caring advice on this site