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I have lived with my husband having cancer and passing away 10 months later. We have 2 children. We lived in Melbourne and this all happened in 2020 with Covid as well. It was tough to say the least. As a family we decided to move to Brisbane (sadly he died before the move) I have had moderate depression 3 times in live and because of this I am now on medication (mild dose) because covid and cancer was to much for me to handle. Now being a widow with 12 and 14 year old kids I am better but of course it is a journey. Love and kindness to you xx 

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Community Champion

hello and welcome.


I am so sorry to hear about the tremendous loss you have experienced. It takes incredible strength to face such difficult circumstances, especially with the added challenges you faced with Covid and with moving to a new city.


It also sounds like to you love for your children very much and your determination to move forward are inspiring. Please try to be gentle with yourself as you continue to heal, and allow yourself the time and space needed to process your emotions.


The road ahead may still have its ups and downs ... sending you love and strength during this challenging time. If you want to chat some more, please don't hesitate to reply here.